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Episode Guide: Season 2

this episode guide was originally published in "STARLOG Magazine: Yearbook Vol.3" and was written by Bob Miller. If any one knows if there is a STARLOG Magazine website, please let me know.
The All-New Ewoks Second Season (1986-1987) A Lucasfilm Ltd. Production in conjunction with Nelvana Ltd. Series based on charicters created by George Lucas. Executive producer: Cliff Ruby and Elana Lesser. Voice directors: Cliff Ruby and Elana Lesser. Producers: Michael Hirsh, Patrick Loubert, Clive A Smith. Supervising producer: Lenora Hume. Director: Dale Schott. Production designer: Kirk Henderson. Story editor: Paul Dini Casting: Judy Nelson. Line producer: Peter Hudecki. Assistant line producer: Heather Walker. Unit manager: Richard Pimm. Associate producers: Paul Dini, Michael Dubil. Music: Patrick Gleeson. Animation production: Wang Film Production Company Ltd. Post-production services provided by Sprocket Systems. Supervising editor: Teresa Eckton. Music editor: Robin Lee Voice Cast: Wicket: Danny Delk. Kneesaa, Malani: Jeanne Reynolds. Teebo: James S. Cranna. Latara: Sue Murphy. Shodu: Esther Scott. Cheif Chirpa, Logray: Rick Cimino. Others: Lucille Bliss, Richard Devon, Madeline, Richard Nelson, Michael Pritchard, Cody Ryan, Bob Sarlotte, Dan St. Paul, Jodie Smith, Morgan Upton. Friends (introduced in the second season: Cherita - Ewok warrior, Weechee's girl friend, age 22. Leaf Queen - ruler of autumn. Sun King - ruler of summer. Flower Queen - ruler of spring. Snow King - ruler of winter. The Kagles - a trio of skunk-like card players. Larry the Shriek - a tree hermit. The Two-Headed Gonster of the Twin Hills. Strutters - bird-like creatures who love to look in mirrors. Mimphs - Brave field rodents. The Tamble family - puffy talking fish. Prince Delby. Enimies: The Grakka - ruler of the Floating Mountain. Queen Sluuga - a power-hungry toad creature. The Raich - an enchanted tree monster. The Totem Master. The Stranger - an evil wizard of the Night Spirit. Zarak - Logray's first apprentice. Bobog - the meanest creature in the forest. The Blog - bully of the lake. Odra - Duchess of Sleet, a snow sprite. Ice Heads - frozen lackeys of the Snow King. Jaydu the Enchantress. King Albo - a crab creature who test creatures for their honesty. Dr. Raygar - an Imperial scientist who seeks the Sunstar. The Pugs - a hostile juvenile gang. Bothal and Trud - trunk-nosed creatures who love mud. The second season brought new changes in personality for the Ewok gang. Fearless Wicket developed a cocky attitude. Teebo became a clumbsy wizard's apprentice. Latara became selfish and snobbish, and she plays "hard to get" with Teebo. Kneesaa remained level-headed and responsible. Wicket's mother fattened up and developed a stronger maternal personality; father Deej disapeared altogether, as did Aunt Bozzie. It was also revealed that Endor has one season throughout the moon, regulated not by planetary position but by a quartet of gods: The Leaf Queen, the Snow King, the Flower Queen and the Sun King. In this season's stories, Logray guards the powerful Sunstar, sought after by several villains. Wicket's goal is to fill his belt of honor with enough trophies so he can join the Warrior's Circle. He has already earned The Silver Feather Of Duty (called the Silver Feather of Bravery in the first season); by season's end, he has collected a crystal, a bead for bravery, a Mimph's tooth, an Ice Head club, a maze lever and enemy droid parts. But Chief Chirpa won't let him become a true warrior yet because he is still too young. Episodes marked with "a" and "b" are 15 minutes in leangth; others are 30 minutes. 14. a. "The Crystal Cloak" by Paul Dini. Airdate: September 13,1986. The Ewok gang flies to the Floating Mountain to retrieve a cloak that turns anything to crystal by its touch, but first, they must overcome the sinister Grakka. b. "The Wish Plant" by Bob Carrau. The Leaf Queen wants Princess Kneesaa to take care of her wish plan for three days, but Wicket, Latara and Teebo almost kill the plant by using up its wishes. 15. a. "Home is Where the Shrieks Are" by Bob Carrau. Airdate: September 20,1986. Frustrated from doing household chores, Wicket and Teebo run away from home. They take shelter in an old tree fort, which is next to the home of the horrible Shrieks. b. "Princess Latara" by Paul Dini. Jealous of Kneesaa's position, Latara wants to be Princess for a day. The toad-like Queen Sluuga mistakes her for a real princess, and she nearly forces Latara to marry her son, Prince Bork. 16. "The Raich" by Michael Reaves. Airdate: September 27, 1986 While looking for a costume for the Shadownight Festival, Wicket removes a cap from a tree, which turns into the monsterous Raich. The Raich hypnotizes the forest animals and leads them into his cave, where he will eat them. Only a magic hat made by the Two- Headed Gonster can stop the monster, so Wicket and his friends fly to the Gonster's home. But first, they must survive the lightning attack of the cloudlike hoosha. 17. a. "The Totem Master" by Bob Carrau. Airdate: October 4,1986. The Totem Master gives Wicket a totem to take home. That night it comes to life and robs the Ewok village. When Latara and Teeba are placed under the Totem Master's spell, Wicket and Kneesaa come to their rescue. b. "A Gift for Shodu" by Paul Dini. Wicket needs a present for his mom's birthday, so he and his friends look for one inside a lost temple, which happens to be booby-trapped. 18. "Night of the Stranger" by Paul Dini. Airdate: October 11, 1986 The forest is invaded by the Night Spirit's creatures, who steal the Sunstar and plan to use it to banish the Ewoks from Endor. 19. a. "Gone with the Mimphs" by Linda Woolverton. Airdate: October 18, 1986. Wicket wants to prove he's worthy of being a warrior by capturing the ferocious Hanadak. Instead he is captured by the Lilliputian-sized Mimphs. b. "First Apprentice" by Paul Dini. Logray's first apprentice was an impatient Ewok named Zarak, who was banished from the village after trying to steal the Sunstar. Years later, Zarak becomes a powerful wizard, who decided to recruit Logray's new apprentice - the incompetent Teebo. 20. a. "Hard Sell" by Michael Reaves. Airdate: October 25, 1986. Mooth the trader's business is falling off because he has a cold, so he offers a pair of eodon tusks to the Ewoks who can trade the most goods. After a string of failures, the Ewoks are forced to deal with the Bobog, the meanest creature in the forest. b. "A Warrior and a Lurdo" by Michael Dubil. Wicket bets Latara that he can train anyone to be a warrior in one day. Latara chooses Teebo. Wicket loses the bet. 21. "The season Scepter" by Bob Carrau. Airdate: November 1, 1986. When Odra the Duchess of Sleet freezes the Snow King's heart, she persuades him to steal the Season Scepter and turn Endor into a moon of ice. The leaf Queen calls on Logray for help, but he's nowhere to be found, and Wicket and his friends have to step in. 22. a. "Prow Beaten" by Bob Carrau. Airdate: November 8, 1986. The Duloks build a battleship to ruin the Ewoks' fishing festival and steal all the fish. b. "Baga's Rival" by Linda Woolverton. Kneesaa's pet bordok is upstaged by Silky, a beautiful winged animal whose real purpose involves capturing the Sunstar. 23. a. "Horville's Hut of Horrors" by Paul Dini. Airdate: November 15, 1986. Against his mother's wishes and Kneesaa's advice, Wicket takes the Woklings into a terrifying carnival attraction that continues to haunt them after the show. b. "The Tragic Flute" by Bob Carrau. Latara flunks a greed test from King Albo, a crab creature who takes her to his coral castle for punishment. Wicket and his friends go to rescue her but are captured instead. To save their lives, Latara must pass another greed test. 24. a. "Just My Luck" by Michael Dibil. Airdate: November 22, 1986. A bad luck sprite ruins Wicket's chances of being a warrior. But Wicket's learns to never give up on one's dreams b. "Brining Up Norky" by Bob Carrau and Earl Kress. The gang has to babysit an obnoxious kangaroo-like creature. . "Battle for the Sunstar" by Paul Dini. Airdate: December 6, 1986. Dr. raygar brings an Imperial Star Destroyer to Endor. He captures Wicket and his friends along with the Sunstar, with which he plans to assasinate the Galactic Emperor and take over the Empire. A friendly pilot droid, PD-28, helps the Ewoks recover the powerful gem. 26. a. "Party Ewok" by Bob Carrau. Airdate: December 13, 1986. Chief Chirpa wants Kneesa to host a party in honor of Prince Delby, but things get out of hand when Latara helps the inexperienced Kneesaa and a gang of Pugs crashes the party. b. "Malani the Warrior" by Stephen Langford. Malani, Teebo's little sister, has a crush on Wicket. To get his attention, she steals the Sunstar, but it falls into the clutches of Bothal and Trud, who use it to turn the forest into mud.

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