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Episode Guide: Season 1

this episode guide was originally published in "STARLOG Magazine: Yearbook Vol.3" and was written by Bob Miller. If any one knows if there is a STARLOG Magazine website, please let me know.
The Ewoks / Droids Adventure Hour A Lucasfilm Ltd. Production in conjunction with Nelvana Ltd. Series based on charicters created by George Lucas. Executive producer: Miki Herman. Producers: Michael Hirsh, Patrick Loubert, Clive A Smith. Supervising producer: Lenora Hume. Associate producers: Paul Dini, Peter Saunder. Voice director & supervising editor: Rob Kirkpatrick. Ewoks First Season (1985-1986) Director: Raymond Jafelice. Unit Director: Dale Schott. Title song "Ewoks" and additional songs and music: Taj & Inshira Mahal. Score: Patricia Cullen, David Green, David Shaw Additional production: Wang Production Co. Ltd., Cuckoo's Nest Studios. Voice Cast: Wicket W. Warrick: Jim Henshaw. Princess Kneesaa: Cree Summer Francks. Teebo: Eric Peterson. Latara: Taborah Johnson. Morag: Jackie Burroughs. Gorneesh: Dan Hennessey. Dulok Shaman: Don Francks. Urgah: Melleny Brown. Malani: Alyson Court. Chief Chirpa: George Buza. Ewoks: Wicket W. Warrick - Ewok scout and warrior- in-training. Resourceful, sociable, feisty. Age (by Earth standards): approximately 12 years old. Princess Kneesa - future leader of the tribe. Kind, hard-working, responsible. Age: approximately 14 years old. Logray - The village witch doctor. Wise. Age: more than 300. Chief Chirpa - Father of Kneesaa. Strict. Brave. Age: about 200. Teebo - Wicket's older friend, apprentice to Logray. Carefree. Weechee - Wicket's oldest brother. Bold. Willy - the next oldest brother. Fat and simple- minded. Called "Widdle" in "Ewok Adventure". Paploo - Wicket's friend, Kneesaa's cousin. Cocky, show-off. Aunt Bozzie - Paploo's mother. Bossy. Latara - an attractive Ewok with a crush on Teebo. Plays flute. Deej - Wicket's father. Shodu - Wicket's mother. Malani - Teebo's sister, has a crush on Wicket. Age: between six-seven years old. Ralee - Kneesaa's mother, Chirpa's wife. Deceased. Asha - Kneesaa's older sister. Missing until final episode. Winda - Wicket's baby sister. Mistress Kaink - the village legends-keeper. Chukha Trok - the woodsman. Friends: Baga - Kneesaa's pet baby bordok. Izarina - Queen of the wisties. Mring Mring - a friendly Gupin. The Great Bondo and the Traveling Jindas - a circus troupe. Moot the trader. Muynyips - small tree creatures. Enemies: Morag - the Tulga Witch. Ancient enemy of Logray. The Yuzzums - Morag's servants. The Duloks - distant cousins to the Ewoks whose minds were touched by the Night Spirit long ago. Bad-tempered, lazy, greedy. Gorneesh - King of the Duloks. Urga - Lady Gorneesh Umwak - the Dulok shaman. Murgoob the Cranky - Umwak's uncle and oracle to the Duloks. The Dandelion Warriors. The Hanadak - a wild beast that killed Kneesaa's mother. These stories occur shortly before the Galactic Empire occupies the forest moon of Endor (as seen in "Return of the Jedi"). There is a progression of time from mid-summer in the first episode to early winter in the last. Episode length is 30 minutes. Airdates note original airdate only. 1. "The Cries of the Trees" by Paul Dini. Airdate: September 7, 1985 A drought has parched Endor's forests. Morag the Tulgah Witch captures Izrina the wistie and turns her into an evil firebug, causing a forest fire that threatens to destroy the Ewok village. 2. "The Haunted Village" by Paul Dini Airdate: September 14, 1985 Ewoks use sunberries to cure their ills. Morag sends here flying monster, the mantagru, to devour the sunberry trees. Logray prepares a magic soap to render the trees invisible, but the Duloks steal the soap. 3. "Rampage of the Phlogs" by Paul Dini Airdate: September 21, 1985 Morag kidnaps the child of a Phlog family. Thinking the Ewoks took it, the Phlog giants attack the Ewok village. Wicket and his friends find the child in the Duloks' camp, but are captured instead. 4. "To Save Deej" by Bob Carrau. Airdate: September 28, 1985 Wicket's father Deej is stricken with a deadly infection. The Warrick brothers must find the ingredients for an antidote by nightfall. Wicket is aided by Mring Mring the Gupin as they confront the deadly Dandelion Warriors. Adapted by Larry Weinberg in a storybook called "Wicket and the Dandelion Warriors". 5. "The Traveling Jindas" by Bob Carrau. Airdate: October 5, 1985 Aspiring to become a performer, Latara joins the Traveling Jindas, a wandering circus which - unknown to her - is in the habit of getting hopelessly lost. 6. "The Tree of Light" by Bob Carrau Airdate: October 12, 1985 The Tree of Light is dying. If it should perish, the evil Night Spirit will gain control of Endor. Chief Chirpa sends his young male warriors to restore the tree with Logray's sacred dust. But the Duloks plan to destroy the Tree. 7. "The Curse of the Jindas" by Bob Carrau. Airdate: October 19, 1985 Thinking the jindas have tried to poison him, the Rock Wizard curses them with a spell that keeps them constantly moving from place to place. When Logray and Teebo countermand the spell, the Rock Wizard attacks the Ewoks. 8. "The Land of the Gupins" by Bob Carrau Airdate: October 26, 1985 The Juniper Chest renews the Gupins' changeling power. But the enemy Grass Trackers have stolen it's key, and prepare to attack the Gupin stronghold. Wicket and his friends help Mring Mring and his brother Ubell recover the key and fulfill an ancient prophecy. 9. "Sunstar vs. Shadowstone" by Paul Dini Airdate: November 2, 1985 Long ago, a battle between Logray and Morag split the powerful gemstone in two. Now, Morag wants to merge Logray's half, the Sunstar, with her Shadowstone to become all-powerful. After capturing Teebo, Wicket and Kneesaa, she faces Logray in a showdown battle. Adapted by Cathy East Dubowski in a storybook called "The Shadow Stone". 10. "Wicket's Wagon" by Paul Dini Airdate: November 9, 1985 Hundreds of seasons ago, Wicket's great grandfather Erpham Warrick used a mighty battlewagon to drive the Duloks into the swamp. When Wicket finds and restores the wagon, the Duloks steal it and prepare to ram the Ewoks' soul trees, thier most sacred posesion. Mistress Kaink of "The Ewok Adventure" makes a guest appearance. 11. "The Three Lessons" by Bob Carrau. Airdate: November 16, 1985 Princess Kneesaa learns three lessons which help her stop a strange plant from consuming the village. 12. "Blue Harvest" by Paul Dini & Sam Wilson Airdate: November 23, 1985 Too lazy to grow their own food, the Dulocks raid the Ewoks' harvest. They distract the tribe by pouring a love potion on a female Phlog, who develops a crush on Wicket and rampages through the village looking for him. 13. "Asha" by Paul Dini Airdate: November 30, 1985 While camping in the deep forest, Wicket, Teebo and Paploo find Kneesaa's older sister Asha, missing for years after a Hanadak attacked and killed her mother. Raised by a family of Korrinas, Asha has become as a wild creature, defending her animal friends from Dulok hunters. Chukha Trok of "The Ewok Adventure" guest stars. Adapted by Melinda Luke in a storybook called "The Red Ghost".

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