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More than anyone would ever want to know about me!

Birthday: August 6th, 1969
Favorite weather: SNOW! and in second place is foggy with a light rain. Favorite holidays: Used to be Halloween.
Least favorite holiday: Valentines Day (right now any way ;)
Favorite Foods: Pizza (any kind, but no anchovies or pineapple!), French Fries, Cucumbers, Pineapple (not cooked), Carrots (fresh out of the Garden, not cooked or pealed).
Favorite Video Games: PAC-ATTACK (SNES), Penguin Land (SEGA)

Favorite Color: Blue or black, it changes with my mood.

Favorite Phrase: "I feel like I'm paying off Karma at a vastly accelerated rate", Ivonavah from Babylon 5
Phrase I live by: "Don't feed the monsters!" (It was on a Halloween decoration, but it made a lot of sense. Taken another way, don't give anyone ammunition to use against you. I broke this one last year letting my brother know I was gay, so I'm currently in need of a new Phrase to live by.)

Phrases I despise with a passion: "Beam me up Scotty", and "Elementary, dear Watson" All my life, when ever anyone finds out my name I always hear one or the other.

Personal Heroes: George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Jim Henson, Walt Disney

First crush: Christopher Robin from the Winney the Pooh Cartoon movies from Disney.
First crush on a real person: Noah Hathoway (Boxey on Battlestar Galactica)
Current crush: None.

Favorite Comedian: Paula Poundstone
Favorite Actors: Stephen Dorff, Patrick Stewart (his voice gives me chills), Peter Billingsley (haven't seen him for a while though), D. B. Sweeney (Lots of charisma), Leonardo DiCaprio (got charisma coming out his ears), John Cussak, Elijah Wood (good actor, bad movies).
Favorite Actresses: Whoopie Goldberg (one of the most unique people on earth), Sandra Bolluck, Helen Hunt, Linda Hunt (powerful actress), Rebecca DeMorney (her evil stare gives me chills), Joan Cussak.
Favorite directors: George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton, and I'm starting to like John Woo.
Favorite Movies: STAR WARS Trilogy Special Edition, The Dark Crystal, Tron. All unique. All broke the molds. All never successfully duplicated by others.
Favorite Animated Movie: Secret of NIMH, Rescuers Down Under, Lion King

Favorite singers: Cyndi Lauper (another unique person), Celine Dion (The voice of an angel), Peter Gabriel, Enya, Phil Collins, Amy Grant, Peter Cetara
Favorite Musical Groups: The Art Of Noise, Deep Forest, Bernie Krause & the Human Remains
Favorite Albums: Spacecamp, STAR WARS Trilogy Special Edition, Stargate (movie, and the TV series), True Colors (Cyndi Lauper), In No Sense - Nonsense (The Art Of Noise), Alien Nation: The Series.
Favorite composers: John Williams, Danny Elfman, Dennis McCarthy, David Arnold, Mark Mancina
Favorite Songs: Save The Night (by Joseph Williams, for the Goonies Soundtrack), Wile The Earth Sleeps (by Deep Forest with Peter Gabriel, From "Strange Days". It was released only as an import single), and to many more to name.

Favorite STAR WARS Movie: The Empire Strikes Back
Favorite STAR WARS planet or setting: Cloud City, Endor, Dagobah.
Favorite STAR WARS Aliens: Kabe, Muftak, and yes, I like the Ewoks.
Favorite STAR WARS Character: R2-D2. He knows the whole story, he just can't talk.
Least favorite STAR WARS Characters: Ben and Yoda. They know the whole story, they just can't tell the truth. They lied or twisted the facts and manipulated Luke into doing there dirty work.
Favorite Ewok Characters: Kaink from the Ewok Adventure, and Morag from the Ewok Cartoon series.
Favorite Bounty Hunter from "The Empire Strikes Back": Zuckuss
Favorite STAR WARS Ships: Darth Vaders Super-Star Destroyer, A-Wing Fighter, Twin-Pod Cloud-Car
Favorite STAR WARS Action Figure: The new 3 3/4' Taun-Taun, and the new 3 3/4' Snowtrooper

Favorite Star Trek series: Deep Space Nine, with The Next Generation a close second
Least favorite Star Trek series: ClassicTrek although it grows on me more each time I watch it
Favorite Star Trek Movie: First Contact, with Star Trek The Motion Picture (the first classic Star Trek movie) in second place
Favorite Star Trek Characters: Picard, Guinan, Plain Simple Garak, Nog, 7 of 9, Wesley Crusher (now that he is a Q you have to be nice to him), Scotty
Least favorite Star Trek charicters: Series Kirk (I like the movie version though), Captian Janeway, Ensign Kim (he's just plain boring)
Favorite Star Trek Villians: Lursa & Betor, Sela
Favorite Star Trek Aliens: Ferengi, Borg, Romulan
Favorite Star Trek Episode: Who Watches the Watchers (Next Generation)

Favorite TV Series: Babylon 5, Batman the Animated series (don't know if I like the new episodes because our moronic cable company (who is the only one on our area or I'd switch) took away MTV and WGN and replaced them with another news network. Just what I wanted, NOT!)
Favorite Babylon 5 characters: Commander Ivonavah, Ambassador Dalen
Least Favorite TV Series: X-files, Hercules, Xena, and all the rest of the hit shows with terrible actors in there lead roles and boring scripts.

Favorite Book: "The Power Of One" by Bryce Courtenay. The movie isn't even remotely as powerful as the book. I've loaned this book to a lot of people and they all said they loved it. Check it out!
Favorite Author: Larry Niven. I haven't been able to get through any of his full-length novels but his short stories are incredible (especially the nameless wizard trilogy).
Favorite Michael Crichton book: Eaters Of The Dead (not at all like the title implies, soon to be a movie), Sphere (Now a movie), and then Congo (should have been a better movie)
Great books I've read lately: Alien Agenda (by Jim Marrs), Star Trek: The Return (by William "Captain Kirk" Shatner), Shadow Moon (by Chris Claremont based on characters from the movie "Willow" by George Lucas)

Favorite Comic Book / Comic Book Character / Superhero - I would most likely turn out like, if given powers: The Ray (DC Comics)
Favorite Comic Book (still being printed): Impulse with Aquaman a very close second
Favorite Comic Book Series: 2099 books (canceled of course)
Favorite Comic Book Mini-series: Age Of Apocalypse, and The Rise Of Apocalypse
Favorite Comic Book Writer: Christopher Priest, with Peter David a very close second
Favorite Comic Book Artist: J. Calafiore, then Humberto Ramos
Favorite X-books: X-factor, Excaliber, X-man. Does Deadpool count as an X-book?
Favorite X-man: Mystique and Age Of Apocalypse Wildchild are tied for first with Iceman in second place
Favorite Amalgam Comic Characters: Apollo & Chaos, Spiderboy, Nickel, and Mercury

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