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By Scott Watson

Life used to be so simple.
The world ended at the property line of the place called home.
Fears could be vanquished by the comforting hold of a parent.
Those fears that couldn't, could be turned over to an entity with a silent prayer.
Sex, a funny word used in jokes.
Reality, easily pushed aside by daydreams.
Tomorrow, a day to look forward to.
War, a game played with inanimate objects.
Death and change, foreign concepts, and trust, given to every one.
Life used to be so simple.

Home. A distant memory visited only in dream.
Parents kept at arms length. Fears grow on a daily basis.
God. A bad joke. Prayers go unanswered.
Trust a rare gift bestowed on few.
Reality, pushes aside dreams in the night.
Sex, a word with dangerous overtones.
Labels and losses. Trust refused.
War, a game played by strangers using friends and relatives.
Threat of death hangs ever present. Change, a daily occurrence.
The future. Uncertain. Unknown. Alone. I'm afraid.
What happened, life used to be so simple.

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