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The Ray
     I found one Ray site a while back (, but there haven't been any updates for what looks to be at least a year, and so far there isn't anything there but a cool Ray logo (which I changed a bit to make the one at the top of my page).

     Finally, Daniel contacted me with his new Ray site Not much there, but he's getting there.

     Daniel and I are both listed at Comic Book Resources. But chances are that's how you got here in the first place.

     I was just informed that my site has been included in the book "The Incredible Internet Guide To Comic Books & Suprheroes".
     There is more stuff on the way! Oh, and if you are Surfing-The-Web sometime and happen to find a picture or a webpage of The Ray, I'd love to know about it. Feel free to E-mail me!
This is an unofficial Ray fan-site and not affiliated with DC Comics or Warner Brothers or Fleer in any way.