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The Ray
The Ray Add
     Here three pictures they took of a live action Ray for the comic book advertisments instead of having drawings. The bottom two were not used.

     Later that type of add was done for a Damage add (which I hope to include here to if I can find a scan of it).

The Ray - Unused Add Picture 1
The Ray - Unused Add Picture 2
The Ray - Letting of some steam
     Here is my favorite picture from the comics.
The Ray - Issue #0
     The cover to issue #0.
The Ray
     Another picture of The Ray from the comics.
The Ray's Dad, Happy
     Here is a picture of the original Ray, Happy (the current Ray's father) in his new suit.
The Ray's brother, Joshua
     The Ray's younger brother Joshua (who is actually older than him).
     There is more stuff on the way! Oh, and if you are Surfing-The-Web sometime and happen to find a picture or a webpage of The Ray, I'd love to know about it. Feel free to E-mail me!
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