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My name is Scott, and I live in Central Arizona with my fiancé Corey, and this is my website (Duh! Like you didn't guess that already). But be warned, I'm gay! Got a problem with that? Please leave! If you don't have a problem with it? Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay. Feel free to come back and visit any time.

I don't know. I'm making this up as I go.
-- Indiana Jones --

My Site At A Glance!

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Remember when we said there was no future?
Well, this is it.
-- Max Headroom Show --
More About Me than Anyone
Would Ever Want To Know!

CLICK HERE To go the my On-line journal "Greetings From The Edge Of Nowhere!", which includes the story of my life from my perspective. Sort of a diary with feedback. Check it out if ya want
Updated On January 21st, 2001!

CLICK HERE to go to the Picture Page which includes pictures of me and a couple pictures of the farm I grew up on.
Updated On July 15th

And CLICK HERE for my list of likes and other stuff.
Updated On June 4th

My Fiancé
My Fiancé!
CLICK HERE to go to my shrine to my fiancé Corey. It includes some pictures of him, the lyrics to "Our Song" and a link to his website.

He's the greatest! :)

Together Since October 13th, 1998

My TV and Movie Pages!
CLICK HERE to go to my on-line STAR WARS shrine "Outpost Endor".
Updated On March 28th 1999

CLICK HERE to go to my "World of Willow" page devoted to the movie Willow and the trilogy of novels that continuted the story.
New on July 23rd 1999

CLICK HERE to go to the Ferengi Rules Of Acquisition!
Updated On June 27th

CLICK HERE to go to my page devoted to the first animated mini-series "The Pirates of Dark Water".
New On April 26th

Wars dont determine who's right, just who's left.
-- Unknown --
My Comicbook Pages!

CLICK HERE to go to The Great Ray Watch! My page about my favorite comic book charicter, DC Comics, The Ray.
Updated on March 30th, 2000

CLICK HERE to go to "Page Of Apocalypse", my page that contains stuff from the comic book mini-series Age Of Apocalypse and The Rise Of Apocalypse.
Updated on February 10th, 1999

What good is symbolism if you cant eat it?
-- Rizzo The Rat - Muppets From Space --
Other Stuff!
CLICK HERE to go to my library page. It contains gay related articles and stuff I've found in books and other materials. There is also a list of Chat Acronyms.

CLICK HERE to go to *LOL*. This used to be a newsletter of Jokes, Quotes, and Phrases, that I used to send out every once in a while, but I decided to share the fun with everyone. Enjoy!
Updated On April 13th

CLICK HERE to go to my Customized Action Figures page. It contains pictures of action figures I modified into charicters from movies and comics because I got tired of waiting for the companies to make them, and because it's fun to do.
Updated On June 29th

Some Of My
Favorite Links
Cinescape Magazine
Dark Horizons
Aint It Cool News
Movie Headlines.Com
The Comics Continuum
Raving Toy Maniac
Internet Movie Database
E-mail me!
Want to contact me? CLICK HERE to send me an e-mail or if you have ICQ my number is 13038366.

This Website Was Established On January 13th, 1998