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Have you ever wondered what those creatures were in the
Dejarik Hologram game Artoo-Deetoo and Chewbacca played
on the Millenium Falcon?


Ghhhk is a creature from the jungle planet Clak'dor VII (the Bith homeworld). The Ghhhk wake up early in the morning and screech real loud. The inhabitants of Clak'dor VII hunt them and use there skin oil to make medicines.


The ghost of the mythical Grimtaash the Molator, is said to protect Alderaanian royalty from coruption and betrayal.


These ferocious-looking creatures are actually gentle, loyal and are often kept as guard animals and even pets by the Gran who live on the planet Kinyen.


The K'lor'slug is from the planet Noe'ha'on. It is a dangerous hunter with very good eye-sight and smell, and deadly venom. They lay hundreds of eggs.

Kintan Strider

These ferocious creatures have incredible healing abilities. On there home planet of Kintan they are extinct. Hutt gansters still use them as guard beasts.

Mantellian Savrip

The Mantellian Savrip is a nasty predator from the planet of Ord Mantell.


Savage predators from the deserts of the planet Soccono. They are respected and honored by the Soccarian hunters, and are considered "good luck" by superstitious smuglers.


The Ng'ok war beasts have foul tempers and razor-sharp retractable claws which are used in many systems to frighten off potential attackers.
Disclamer: The charicter pictures and some of there bios
are from Deciphers wonderful card game.
Visit there site if you want more of the cards.

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