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Livin' A Lie

Written by Dolly Parton

From the "Straight Talk" Motion Picture Soundtrack

Spotlights on, it's shinning bright
And I like standing in it
It's only superficial light
But I don't want to end it
It's warmth and glow has taken hold
And I'm caught up in it's shine
A Cinderella fairy tale
I want to claim as mine

Fancy clothes, a magic coach
And happy ever after
Like something from a story book
The Cinderella chapter
But when the clock strikes midnight
And I lie awake in bed
Things my dady told me
Keep running through my head

You gotta walk the straight and narrow
And to thine own self be true
Gotta aim straight as an arrow
All eye's are up on you
But sometimes it feels so good
That I can almost justify
Livin' a Lie

Is it wrong for me to want
The sweeter grass that's greener?
To chase the all-American dream
I've always been a dreamer
At the top and still I've got
A heavy heart inside
I keep remembering
Things my daddy told me as a child

You gotta walk the straight and narrow
Gotta hold fast to the right
Gotta aim straight as an arrow
Walk onward to the light
Oh, but when I'm out there in it
I think I might get by
Livin' a lie

But I don't feel right
Living a lie

All the fame and fortune
Glory and prestige
Can't make me happy if it goes
Against what I believe
And I've sacrificed my honor
My values and my pride

Livin' a lie

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