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Reference your script, "The Bible".

     We are concerned with the story's preoccupation with violence, sex, nudity and other television code violations. We are particularly concerned over your story protagonist, "God", who seems to us completely unmotivated and rather bloodthirsty. Also, this principle character as presently written seems to us highly prejudice in the favor of a single tribe. We remind you that the television code requires equal treatment of Blacks, Asians, Chicanos, American Indians and other minority groups.

     We are equally concerned with the characterization of the principle character's son, who is portrayed in wildly inflammatory, revolutionary conduct, which appears to ridicule wealth, banking and loan advertisers and the American way of life. His attitudes must be clearly labeled to impressionable young television viewers as reprehensible.


  >  Please delete references to "God" making woman out of "Adam"'s rib. This network is an equal opportunities employer with commitments to female equality.

     Opening sequences are too suggestive.

     Delete language " . . . And both were naked . . ." Their subsequent apron of fig leaves will not be a suitable garment in the case of the female. Also, the tempting of the female by the serpent seems to have sexual connotations. Recommend serpent be substituted with frog or badger.

  >  Caution in excessive violence throughout. Particularly the case of "God" drowning over 99% percent of mankind.

  >  Also, we must question the story logic of having an all-knowing, all-powerful central character who creates faulty humans, and them blames them for his own mistakes. In order to make this character sympathetic, please delete his exhibitions of wrath, and also any indication of a personality insecurity like his constant demands for praise.

  >  Sons and daughters of "Noah" cannot be shown and described as repopulating Earth, as television code forbidsincestual relationships. Recommend a fleet of arks, or perhaps strong swimmers from other families can be saved.

  >  Delete continual references to virgins. Such description of the character "Mary" is acceptable as a story point, but only if it is clearly indicated that her elationship with main character is totally platonic, otherwise, a marriage ceremony must be indicated.

   > Specifics in the portrayal of their son: He cannot be shown as practicing medicine without a license. Delete his biased political views such as "Peace at all costs", his mocking of established courts and judicial systems, and his ridiculing of normal attitude towards Capitalism, profit and the laying up of treasures. All of this is further aggravated by your description of the character. Must he be shown as "bearded and barefoot"?

     In summery, an extensive re-write is indicated. It is suggested that the writers be constantly guided by the question: "Is this suitable for family hour viewing?" "

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