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Current Entries - September 17th+

Weekday, Someday soon.
I got home tonight from work (another late night (only two or three more long nights like this to go and the contract should be done)), the kid and hubby were fast asleep on the couch, a movie playing in the VCR, STAR WARS Lego's strewn all over the living room floor. :) There so cute, all snuggled up there together. I swear the kid snores louder than my hubby sometimes. :)
Even the dog was just waking up from a nap. She stretched and yawned as I hung up my coat. I'm surprised she didn't bark like she usually does when someone comes, and wake them both up. What a watch dog she turned out to be. :) Course she probably knew it was me anyway. She's so smart. Love Blue Healers. Cant get a better kinda dog.
I turned off the video and went to the kitchen for something to eat. There was some macaroni and cheese from there dinner still in the pan on the stove, so I dished me up some. I like it cold. Reminds me of when I used to work at that restaurant over on the coast. Well the sound of me getting my dinner woke up the kid. He came in and sat down at the table. Rubbing the sleep outta his eyes. Such a cute kid. He showed me the picture he drew in school today. I guessed what it was right off the bat. Good thing they were practicing how to spell cat on the same page as the drawing of the cat. *G* I told him to put the drawing on the fridge, it was pretty good considering I've rarely seen purple cats (maybe once, on some Disney show). As he did, he told me about his day and how some kid brought a frog to school which got away and caused all sorts of mayhem. He was giggling so hard I thought he was going to explode right there at the kitchen table. So the teacher put a ban on live creatures for show-and-tell. Ah yes, the trials and tribulations of first grade. I told him about the bat I took in 5th grade which we caught in the fireplace at the farm. He thought that was cool. My 5th grade teacher didn't though. Seems she had a real bad experience with a bat once and didn't like the fact I had one at all.
About this time the hubby woke up. I know cause he stepped on a Lego as he got off the couch. What a nice word to teach the kid. :) I can't tell you how many times I've told my hubby to put his toys away after he's through playing with them. *EG*
Hubby got us all glasses of strawberry milk and we all talked for a while about our days and what we were going to do this weekend. Me and the kid want to go see the STAR WARS movie again, but hubby's kinda tired of it (after 4 times? What did I see in this guy? *EG* Just kidding honey). He suggested we go without him, but we decided we would rather do something else, the three of us. Maybe a drive in the mountains or something. Depends on the weather. If it's still raining like this, we could always go visit grandma and great grandma over at the coast.
Before we knew it, it was time for Jr. to hit the sack. He's got school tomorrow you know. Course he's not going to sleep well after his nap he just got up from, but he should be okay.
I tucked in the kid and then took a shower and crawled into bed. Hubby had some work to do on the computer, so I read for a while. I swear I'll be reading "Tandia" till I'm old and grey. 900 pages. What was I thinking. :)
Hubby came to bed. I cant believe he's still to nervous to "fool around" with the kid sleeping in his room on the other side of the house with the door shut. I mean come on, we've been dads for almost half a year (has it really been that long since we adopted Jr?). Not once has the kid walked in without knocking or anything like that. Heck, he sleeps so sound, you can have the TV going full blast and he doesn't even notice it. *sigh* Oh well, Hubby'll relax someday. We need some time to ourselves though. Maybe he can go stay with Cousin W for a night. I'm sure my sister and her "step-cousin / hubby" would love to take him for the night sometime.
I don't know. Something to ponder. Maybe for Hubby's birthday next month. Oh no, got to remember to get his other present ordered. I hid the other two a S's house. He'll never think to look next door. :)

So there you have it. A typical night in my "fantasy".

Sunday, September 20th - Back To Reality.

"The secret of tomorrow is to live your dreams today"

I've said it before, I'll say it again. I need a boyfriend if for no other reason than vehicle maintenance. :)
My helper got to work last night, and after a short game of charades and a Spanish lesson, we communicated the fact that my car tire is flat. Great. So I had to figure out how to change my tire, get home, and on Sunday, find a tire place open so I can get to work that night.
Changing the tire turned out to be easier than I thought, and fun too. :) The kid I think might be gay, and S changed it for me. *G* My Heros. *giggle* It was so fun watching the two of them bicker there way through changing the tire. The most commonly said phrases were "Your going the wrong way" and "that's not how that is supposed to go".
Now I have to go find out if the tire place is open today or not.

An hour later.
Which it isn't! Oh well. No surprise. Not only does nothing stay open after 6 or 7 in the EoN, but Sunday's are shut down day, for everything but restaurants and hotels.
Good thing I worked those extra days last week so I could have some fun money. Now I get to spend it on tires!

Life stinks! Love sucks! I need a cigarette and a stiff drink!


Monday, September 21st - Better day!
Payday. Got the tire fixed for free. Found 3 new STAR WARS action figures at WAL*MART. Remembered to get an Ink Cartridge for my printer (been trying to remember to get one for a couple of months now). Got to go home after working two hours. Got the old magnetic sticker from the old restaurant van. Talked to Larry and Corey (nice guy) on ICQ. I feel good. Mom called me "giddy". What a good day.

Sunday, September 27th

Politics Of Kissing

By Cliff Magness, Amy Grant, Wayne Kirkpatrick

She's looking back to see if he's looking at her
They talk without any words
And with a smile he's moving heaven and earth
She dreams of holding him tight
When will the moment be right
Got to be diplomatic, a step at a time
Don't want to blow it baby

That's the politics of kissing
To know when to show your hand
First thoughts then second guessing
A subtle supply and demand
Balance of power baby
To hold or not to hold
That's the politics of kissing
You're finding your way as you go
How do you know

Head over heels under the moon looking at you
But do you feel it too
And if I move in closer what will you do
Cause I'm thinking please hold me tight
Am I the light in your eyes
I wish you had the power for reading my mind
'Cause I'll never say it to you

That's the politics of kissing
To know when to show your hand
First thoughts then second guessing
A subtle supply and demand
Balance of power baby
To hold or not to hold
That's the politics of kissing
You're finding your way as you go
How do you know

I thought: Gay relationships should be easy. I mean you know how to work the plumbing, and you know how there mind works cause your both the same sex after all. You don't have to deal with PMS or any of that communication barrier type thing.

*buzzer sound* WRONG! Thank you for playing. We have some lovely parting gifts for you. Looser!

Hell, I don't even understand what's going on in my head much less anyone else's. And well, I have a feeling each set of pluming works a little bit different.
But lets get back to the first one. What am I doing. It's been a month since I met Michael. I'm still in Love with him. Even though he's not in Love with me. But still. Why then do I have a crush on someone else then, too? It's not like Michael and I are exclusive, and we most likely never will be at that. Or maybe it's that I've had a taste of things to come (mind outta the gutter guys). Or could it be I want to be someone's boyfriend a little to much. Is this what the "Whoring phase" is like? Am I on the rebound? Should I go for this other guy since Michael has made it clear that me and him can't be what I want us to be? Why do I feel so guilty for having this crush?

*sigh* I don't know.

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