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Current Entries - August 13th+

Thursday, August 13th
Yep, it's me again! Thought you lost me huh? :)

So remember that kid at work I thought might be gay? Well he was my helper the other night after he was gone on vacation for a week. Well it seems while on vacation he was at a coffee shop and something he said he never thought would happen to him happened to him... A guy hit on him! *giggle* I feel much better knowing that I'm not the only guy who thought he might be gay. I almost told him that if I were 16, that guy wouldn't have been the first. :)

So S and I made a delivery to this store in Lincoln City the other day while we were up running around (S had only been up there late at night, so I took her up to show her the cool Factory Outlet mall there). Well the store we went to was pretty cool. It's the first "Gay Friendly" store I've been in. There were all sorts of gay bumper stickers and pins and stickers there, even a shirt or two. Course S cant pass by any printed material without reading it, so we were there for close to an hour waiting for her to read all 200+ bumper stickers hanging to from the ceiling. *giggle*

So Mickey's back and my mood is better. Coincidence? Who knows. Anyway, on Sunday my aunt gets here and on Monday we (me grandma and my aunt and her friend) are all heading to Sacramento to visit my other aunt till Thursday. Figures, I finally get Mickey back on my side of the 3rd rock from the sun and a week later I leave for a week. :(
I hope me and him can get together some time soon. We're both stressing about it a little.

Monday, August 17th
That day I talked to my brother? Well after talking to me he went and rented two movies staring gay characters. One was the movie adaption to "Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil" which I had mentioned that I read when I wrote to him last. Anyway, my mother said it sounds like he's doing research. Hmmn, not to sure I like the fact Hollywood is teaching my brother about the gay lifestyle. Bart and I tried to come up with positive gay movies to suggest to him, and most that we came up with included them being cross dressers or murderers. "Object of My Affection" and "My Best Friends Wedding" came to mind as two of the few really positive ones.

Now for the exciting news! Mickey set a day for us to meet!!! *dances around the room like an idiot* I'm flying high! I can hardly wait!

Well I'm gonna be off the net for the next few days. I haven't been away from the net for this long since I went and stayed with my cousin the cop for three days several months ago. This time it'll be for 4 days. Oy! I'll miss it I know, but I'll miss you guys more. I cant wait till this summer is over and I'll be able to commit enough time to the net to keep up on everyone. I've let several journals go unread, and several entries unwritten. Plus I haven't been all that great at returning e-mail lately or ICQing people.
Cool, September is almost here! This summer wasn't as painful as I thought it was gonna be. In fact, it's been pretty cool. The trip to meet Mickey should be the perfect Grand Finale.
Have a safe and fun week guys. See ya in a few.

Saturday, August 22nd
So I'm back! Miss me?

Let's see. The first day of the vacation, I woke up at about 6, figuring they (my grandma and my aunt, and her friend) would want to get on the road early. Well I was wrong. We finally got out of the house at around 11:30. Then after a little less than an hour on the road we stopped for lunch. I still don't know why we didn't just have sandwiches before we left. *shakes his head*
Then back on the road for 3 more hours. Listening to the Christian radio station the whole way. Grandma is still obsessed with getting me a pare of Levi's for my birthday, so we stop at any Fred Meyers we can find so she can check and see if there are any my size. Luckily our first stop has a pair, so we got that out of the way right off the bat. She will spend the rest of the trip asking me if I have the pants in my bag so they don't get lost. *roles his eyes*
So we get to my uncles house (the one who told me not to long ago that he is glad I live with grandma but I have a bad work ethic and crap like that). Anyway, we decide to go swimming, which would be great, but my uncle decides to cannonball everyone in the pool. I hate when people have to splash others. Ruined the whole swim.
That night, I got to sleep in the "Mickey Room", the room decorated in Mickey Mouse stuff and where all the kids get to sleep when they stay there. My mind was of course wondering while I lay there looking up at the poster of Mickey Mouse on the wall. Mostly I wondered what Mickey looks like (*giggle* Before I develope a fetish for rodentia). Not that it matters, his personality already turns me on, mentally... Okay, and physically too. But I know Mickey is nervous about how I'll react to how he looks. *sigh* It's a persons personality that I'm attracted to, not his looks.

Anyway, next day, off we go. Again with the Christian radio station, but to make matters worse, President Clinton lied (big surprise, he's a politician, what do you expect?). Next stop, my chain smoking aunt and uncles house for a day. Or so I though. That night, it was revealed to me that we would be staying there for an extra day, which means I will get home and have to go to work that same day. >:( So much for doing my laundry or recovering before I go to work. I guess I'll have to go smelling like smoke. Yuck!
To avoid cancer, me and my aunt (the non-smoking one) go for walks and go swimming a lot. I was hoping to get to talk to her, but her friend was along so I haven't gotten to spend any time alone with her at all. Her friend is an odd guy. He doesn't seem to react to outside stimuli at all. I found out on the way home that he used to be in the military, and I may have picked up on that, but I don't know. He's just weird. Gives me the creeps sometimes.

After two days there it was off to another of my aunts's place. Actually she isn't really a relative, just a friend of the family. This lady has no life except for her garden, so we get to sit around and hear stories about how she put up that fence and who put in the sprinklers etc. Oy! Tak about boring. And it was the same stories she told us that last time, two years ago. And I still cant believe she named her daughter Fifi! Poor girl.
I did make a friend there though. A Praying Mantis. It crawled around on my hand for at least an hour, then I got it a branch to climb on and it was much happier then. Cool critters. Very alien. That and learning to pump my own gas were the high points of the trip. [In Oregon you don't pump your own gas, we hire people to do it for you, so in order for me to get up to Mickey's on the 28th, I had to learn how.]

So anyway, I got home with an hour and a half to spare before turning right around and heading off to work. When I got there, I found out that my helper got sick last night and they turned the washing duties over to the kid I thought was gay. Well the machine stopped working, and all hell broke loose. *giggle* I can't leave them alone for 5 days without everything going to L in a hand basket. :)

It's nice to be home. I can't wait till next Friday!!!

Sunday, August 23rd - Outings
The day before the trip down to California with my aunt, my aunt spent the day with my mother. I didn't think anything of it until later on that week when me and my aunt were talking and she asked me to tell her about my friend S. So I gave her a quick rundown, then she asked me about Mickey. All through the trip, she kept asking questions about Mickey, but not S. Looking back on it I wonder if my mother told her about me being gay. I didn't get a chance to talk to my aunt alone the whole week, so I still don't know. Maybe I'll ask my mother.

Well before we left for California, I sent an e-mail to the waitress at work who does the card readings asking her if she could do a relationship reading for my birthday in relation to Mickey's, only I didn't tell her who the other person was. Well she did the reading, and we were talking about it at work a little, and she mentioned that Mickey's card is a hard card to be, even tougher than mine, and I said without thinking, "well the card does fit HIM a lot".
I don't know if she caught the pronoun or not. She wasn't at work last night, but it'll be interesting to see if she did. I want to tell her anyway, I guess this is as good a way as any.

So what did the reading say, you ask? Well I've only read half of it so far, but I can see a lot of truth in what is says already.
I know I shouldn't have such high hopes for anything to happen between Mickey and I when I visit him next week other than the continuation of our friendship, but I do. I know we will still be friends after meeting, that's not in doubt at all as far as I'm concerned, but he's such a cool guy and he just keeps get's better and I can't help but wonder if maybe....
I'm not that nervous about meeting him. It's weird, I guess I should be, maybe I will be when the day is closer, but right now I'm not. In fact I'm very anxious for it to happen. Counting the hours in fact. Around a hundred hours to go. Seems way to long to wait.

Thursday, August 27th - Mickey Pic
About 24 hours till I leave to go meet Mickey!

On the 23rd Mickey finally sent me a picture of himself. Course the format of the picture wasn't compatible with any of my programs so I couldn't see it. The next day he sent me one that I could see though. My response:

So the more I look at your pic, the more it dawns on me that that's Mickey.
Your personality is starting to come out in the pic. *G*
Your getting cuter by the minute. :)
Course I've got this nagging compulsion to draw Mickey ears on the pic. *giggle*

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