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JULY 1999

Monday, July 19th - Eegad, has it really been that long since I updated?!?!
     I just got through visiting some of the journals I used to check three of four times a day. All are still there, though most don't update as often as the used to. Then again, I remember the days when I used to update two or three times a day, now it's once every couple months. I've heard from a few of the guys recently, and some have even mentioned that they may update again, but I haven't seen them do it yet. *hint hint*

     It's hard to believe I've been here 7 months already. In some ways it feels like more (as in how comfortable my relationship with Corey is, it feels like we've been together since time began) and in others it seems like yesterday that I moved here (as in how uncomfortable I am still with the city).
     I truly am happy. Corey is the best. I never in my life imagined that a guy would be as cool as he is to me. After all how many guys do you know that wouldn't complain if I had moved in and not found a job, or even really looked for a job, for 7 months? Not that many, that's for sure. In fact the only time he even mentioned anything about me finding a job was when he saw me drooling at this cool collectibles store we found a few weeks back. That was cool. I was in heaven. They had almost all the action figures I had been spending decades looking for, and all in one room! :)...
     I do need to get a job though, to help out financially, although we really are doing okay in that department. We are both big spenders (especially since I got him hooked on comics and action figures too), so a second income would probably not make much of a difference as we would still probably spend it as fast as just one income, but there are a few big things we want to get that we cant on just his paycheck. If I wait to much longer I'll just try to get a job at the bank where Corey and his mom work. I may hate the job, but the money would be nice.

     As for the city, I've driven a few time by myself (including today when I ran to go get water). I still get really nervous though that I'll get lost and stuff (stuff being the fact that Phoenix supposedly has the worst drives in the states). But I'm getting to know my way around better now, and getting used to how people drive here in the process.

     We spent almost all of last week without a phone, only this time it wasn't cause we didn't pay the bill on time, it was cause it rained. I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but people here are very unprepared for even the slightest amount of rain. They have more car accidents when it rains. The power and phones get screwed up when it rains. And things just seem to go all wrong. And they don't even have nearly as much rain as we got on an almost daily basis on the Oregon Coast. *shakes head*
     One of the storms a week ago or so started with a 3000 foot tall wall of dust. That was impressive. So was the thunderstorm that followed it. It was like having several strobe lights outside. I've never seen it that frequent before. Both cats hung out by me the whole night. Misha (the fat one that hates me) even sat on my lap for about an hour or two (with her claws digging in to my legs the whole time).

     Corey's birthday was last week. He took the week off. It was pretty fun. Him and his mother went halfsys on an adventure game named Lunar, so they spent most of their time playing with that, which was fine cause her cats are sweet. Very friendly unlike ours. And I got to know his mother a bit more so it was cool. She's even relaxed enough around me now that she cusses at the video games. *giggle*
     Speaking of which, my mother called last weekend just to ask how to hook up the Nintendo. *giggle*
     We also went to a baseball game for Corey's birthday. I can't pretend the game was that interesting, but the experience of going to a big sporting event was cool (and I'm not referring to the fact it was air-conditioned). That and there were a bunch of cute guys there. :) Including the one sitting right next to me, that Corey caught checking both of us out a couple of times. Why is it that after 28 years of being single, now guys hit on me everywhere I go. *shakes head* Corey and I have an agreement, we can look, but only if we point out the cute ones to each other. Which is more than my sister has. Her hubby wont even let her listen to some of her favorite singers cause he thinks she has a crush on them. I can't imagine how such a controlling person like her can live in that kind of relationship. I hear it may not last much longer though. She's slowly taking steps to become independent from him and they seem to fight more lately. They lasted longer than I thought they would though.
     Her and her hubby just moved back to the town we grew up in. That's something she swore she would never do. They are going to live there in a house owned by his father for a years so they can afford a house. Should be interesting to see how that works. :)
     I just got off ICQ with my dad and he said she that having a bath tub is heaven and that's all she cares about right now.
     I talked to my brother last night. Seems he's met a girl and fallen hard for her. Now he's nervous about going to fast like he did with the last girl. I tried instil in him to just be himself as much as possible, but he's scared to. The last two scared him pretty bad. The por guy was even crying last night. :( Wish I could have given him a real hug. It hurts knowing he's in pain and not being able to make his pain stop.
     He actually thanked me though for my advice and stuff before he went off-line for the night. It was odd considering how he reacted the last time I gave him advice.

     I'm glad Corey worked as fast as he did. Not knowing how the other person feels about you is hard to deal with. *HUG TO COREY*

     Getting back to birthdays, I'll be 30 on the 6th of August. I figured it would bother me, but it doesn't. Life's to good for me to worry about age. I did get my Arizona drivers license the other day. I'm an official Arizona resident now. In six months I'll be eligible for cheaper rates at the colleges here. :)

     Sara left for California yesterday or the night before. I still haven't heard if she made it yet (so if your reading this Sara, let me know you made it so I can stop worrying).

     I've got several more pages I'm going to be adding to my site here soon. But mostly I've been working on fleshing out some stories I'm writing, and I'm getting the urge to drag out my novel again as I've been in kind of a reflective mood lately. I'm starting to miss Oregon a little. Maybe it's the "rain" we've been getting lately. I was in a very talkative mood last night. I thought for sure I'd talk Corey's leg off while we were doing laundry.
     I've been wondering about some of my friends from highschool. Wondering where they are now. I know where two of them are and have talked to them in the last year, and I know where one more of them is living. But another of my friends from highschool I've completely lost track of. I know she married a guy who wasn't the father of her son (which she got pregnant with just out of highschool), but I don't know what her new last name is or where they are now. I just found out another of my friends from highschool who goes to my dad's church is married and has four kids.

     Well I thought this was going to be a much bigger entry, but I've talked about almost all of what I wanted to. Oh well, it'll do for now.

Friday July 23rd - What a weird day that was!
     So we woke up at noon cause Corey had a meeting he had to go to at 2 (actually I woke up at about 10). So at 2 I drove him to his meeting and then drove home by myself.

     Once home I took the phone to the bedroom and was going to take a nap cause I had a job interview across the street at 6:30 and Corey might call at 4 to get a ride from the meeting to work.

     Well I was almost asleep when the phone rang. The voice on the other line was surprised that we had a working phone line as it was USWest (the phone company) checking to see if our phone had started working again cause two weeks ago we called up cause it had been off for 4 days already due to "rain" and they just now finally got around to starting to do anything about it. So she said that we didn't need anyone to come out and look at it since it was working and I told her it would be nice to not have the phone go off for days at a time every time it rained and to please send someone out to look at it. *rolles eyes*
      After all those years at the Oregon Coast, I only remember two times that the phone went out, andit rained there almost constantly. And the two times it went out were cause someone hit the phone pole with their car and the other time was cause of lightening. Both times it was back on in less than a day. Here we've lost the phone 4 or 5 times since January and each time it took 24 hours at least for it to come back on. *grrrrrr* Don't get me started.

     So I was almost asleep again and the phone rings again! It never rings this much ever. It was about a half hour till 4 so I figured it was Corey calling cause his meeting got out early and needed a ride. But it wasn't, it was his mother calling to make sure everything was okay as she had had a dream that Corey had killed me! Not something you really want to hear. *shudder* So we talked for a little bit to assure her that things were fine here and then I tried to go back to sleep.
      By now I was pretty much awake, so I decided to go ahead and check my email and get ready to go to my interview. As I got out of the shower the phone was ringing again. I ran to get it but missed it. It was Corey leaving me a message saying good luck and not to mention his friends boyfriends preference at the interview (cause he works there also and I guess no one knows he's gay and he was worried I'd say something).

      I showed up 15 minutes early for the interview, which was right across the street. It'd be a cool job as I'd have relatively the same hours as Corey, weekends off, and work for the same place as Corey, in fact the stuff we do is shipped off to him when we get done with it.
     Well I got there and the door was locked. I rang the bell a few times, but no one answered it. Another lady showed up and we both stood there for about 10 minutes before someone let us in. He quickly ushered us both into the employee's room and left. 15 minutes later he came back and found out I wasn't going to be interviewed by him, but another lady who worked there and she didn't know I was there yet. *Grrrr* So he went and told her I was here. About 5 minutes later she showed up and said she only had a few minutes cause there was going to be a fire drill and she needed me out of there before it happened. So we talked briefly and she showed me what I would be doing, arranged another meeting for next week, and escorted me out the door.

      I guess it's a good sign that she wants to see me again next week. Other than that who knows. *shrug* My first official interview anywhere and it has to be a weird one. I guess nothing normal ever happens to me. :)

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