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MAY 1999

Saterday, May 1st 1999
     So, lets see. What was yesterday like... Unusual, that's for sure.

     After 3 hours sleep we got up and I drove Corey downtown to his class. Then, by myself, I drove back. That's the first time I've driven alone in this city since I got here in January. I did okay too, thanks to Corey's good instructions and our dry run earlier in the week.

     I came home and got about an hours more sleep, then got up to wait for the cable guy to come install our new faster net connection (which uses the cable not the phone). He was to show up between 1 and 5, and if he was done by 5 I was going to go get Corey downtown unless he found a ride home. Well at about 10 till 5, Corey got home (which was fine, it was being installed on his computer anyway and he knows more about it than me). :) And boy, was he flying high. Sugar, no sleep, and being trapped in a class for almost 8 hours, are not a good combination for Corey. *giggle* He was pacing the floor and fidgety, and extra horny. :)
     At a little after 5 he finally called the cable company to see if they were still going to install it today, and just about that time the guy shows up. He seems like a friendly guy... To friendly... He was hitting on Corey!!! And Corey was flirting back!!!!!! [We have a rule, we can both look, but no touching, and we have to point them out, so I'm fine with it.] This is the first time I've seen Corey flirt (we got to skip that phase of the relationship). It was so funny!! *L* We aren't set up right for the connection as a port needs to be freed up on Corey's computer, but the guy was so taken with Corey he gave us the $150+ connector card for free! *shakes head*

     Then off to the mall, it was payday after all. I found a STAR WARS figure I didn't have yet, and put another that I didn't have on hold. So I was flying high.

     A quick walk around the mall and then to McDonald's for dinner and then home so Corey could watch the hockey game.. Corey checked the messages on the phone, and low and behold it was a message for me from my mom telling me that my brother didn't ship out yet and he got his phone hooked up today and he should be on-line. So I got on-line, and not only was he on, but it turns out my sister has an ICQ number too, so the three of us chatted together for a little bit till my brother got cut off. Being new to ICQ and AOL (who cut you off all the time), he went off-line and called mom. Turns out her friend died this morning. My brother said she sounded okay, just afraid of being haunted by the lady. :)

     So we all talked for a while longer, then before my sister went to bed, she gave me my dads ICQ number, which my brother said should be an awkward conversation, to which I agreed. Course I'm not to worried about him finding out now that I'm here in Phoenix. I think most of my worry is just residual from worrying that grandma would find out.

     So that was my day...

     Contrast this to my life a year ago (which you can cause it's documented on-line)...

     I keep wondering when I'm going to wake up.

     I hope I don't though.

     17 days till the NEW STAR WARS movie starts!!

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