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April 4th to the 13th

Saturday April 4th, 1998 - Almost midnight? Or is it almost 1 AM?
I had a lot to say tonight, but instead I'm going to wait till tomorrow and just use this opportunity to say CONGRATS to my good friend who just came out for the first time tonight!!! Buddy, I'm so proud of you! Big HUG! Welcome to the family!

Sunday April 5th, 1998 - Almost 2 AM? Or is it almost 3 AM?
Don't forget to set your clocks ahead one hour (for no good reason, if you ask me)!

Okay, a few things I've been meaning to talk about.
First, about all you guys with the journals that loved ones read (and there are quite a few of you out there now). I have a few suggestions about how to still get the most out of your journal without having to censor yourselves.
One, how about writing entries and sending them out to the other people you know read your journal, that aren't family or loved ones. Sort of a newletter type thing. That way, you can still get feedback, and not have to worry about your friends and family reading the entry's you don't want them to.
Or, my other suggestion is to start another journal page, not connected to the one by a link, and again, send out the URL (net address) to that part of the site, to the ones you want to read the journal.

Okay, next subject. A few people, since I started this journal, have said things to me in there E- mails to me like: "I don't want to offend you", "you probably don't want my opinion, but", etc.
Well the truth is, I would love to hear from you. I really like to be able to see all sides of an issue. I may not agree with what you have to say, but I'd like to hear it. You never know, you might hit on something I didn't think about before.
Opposing views don't offend me. It takes a lot more than some ones opinion to offend me. I don't get offended easily.

Okay, enough business talk, now down to the good stuff.
My moron of a helper quit this week. I started training the new guy. He's a nice guy. He speaks mostly Spanish (good thing I took French in high school *G*). Well, on his first night, he asked me if I had a girl friend (it must be one of the phrases they teach them in English class cause the last few Spanish guys that I worked with asked me the same question). Any way, after I said no, he asked "why not?" I whipped out the prepared generic response to that question, "all the girls I know are married". Seems to do the trick. This time however, I wondered why he wanted to know. I mean, even to ask a straight guy "why" seems a little cruel. I almost wish he was asking because he's gay (he is sweet, and cute too). But alas, I found out tonight that he's got a wife in Mexico somewhere. He's a horny little devil though. He's already got the hots for two of the waitresses and a busser girl, and it's only his third night here.
No point to the story. Just thought I'd share the fact that my old helper is gone, and the new guy already does a better job than the last guy! Scott's happy. :)

Wednesday April 8th - Wish this darn Easter Lilly would die, it makes my nose itch.

I took my mom to see "Lost In Space" tonight with the ulterior motive of pumping her for info regarding my brothers travel plans for the next few weeks, but we never got time to talk, so I haven't the slightest idea whether he's going to be in town soon or not.

Speeking of "Lost In Space", if you plan to see the movie and don't want any of the suprises to be spoiled, skip to the end of the italic lettering.
I have a few technical questions for those of you who have seen the movie.
First off, when the Jupiter 2 was taking off the first time on the planet that was breaking up, How did the dad and the future Will see them taking off if the time bubble had collapsed after the major and everyone left the bubble? Also, when they went down through the planet, shouldn't there have been a molten core or something like that? Course when the planet exploded, there should have been a nice shockwave to rip the ship apart, but there wasn't. Maybe I'm expecting to much. It was a fun movie and all, but it was no Star Trek. Had it's moments though.

Larry, Bruce, Da Vinci (soon to be a journalist) and I all chatted the other night at Larry's chat room. It was fun. Bruce was the life of the party, I'm still giggling about his "Snake" routine. Boy where there some interesting subjects thrown around *G*, I learned a lot. Yes folks, learning can be fun.

Quite a few people have been wondering what my college plans are lately. Well, here they are (before anyone else asks me). In September of 1999, I'm planning on moving to Eugene and going to the Lane Community College. They have a very good Film curriculum and offer Internships with the local TV stations. I will make my last payment on my car this December, so I'll be able to save up a lot more money to move than I can right now. And I'll probably get a work study position if I can't get an internship. So all I really need to do is find a home over there.

Friday, April 10th
It's odd. Somewhere I've found some confidence in the last month or so.
A few weeks ago, I was talking to my mother and she started to blame me for something to do with my brother, and usually I just let her talk while I get more upset. Well this time, I interrupted her and spoke my mind. She didn't expect it at all. It felt good to get it out there even if she didn't listen to it.
Then at work, we have 4 bosses. One is the one I came out to. One is like a grandma to me, she works on Sunday and Mondays and used to be the owner till her daughter's rich husband bought it from her. And the other two come over from their home in France to stay the summer here and all around pester us through out the busiest part of the year. Now I get along with the wife (the daughter of the Grandma-like boss), but her German husband has always intimidated me. Or at least he used to.
They showed up last week for the summer, and right away, I started joking with him. That's just not heard of. Quiet little Scott joking with the Big Grumpy German Boss Guy. It's cool. He get's a kick out of it, even jokes back. I keep surprising myself though. I'm not used to this part of my personality being used. Sure I have a sense of humor and an opinion, but usually they go unheard due to my lack of confidence-induced-shyness.
I'm evolving before my eyes.

Okay, next order of business. My Brothers Visit.
According to grandma, he is coming to town tomorrow. He'll be staying with dad till Wednesday, then he will come over here for a week (maybe two, I didn't hear for sure (grandma mumbles sometimes)).
Am I going to try to get in touch with him? You betcha.
I think I'll give my mom a letter to give to him saying I want to get together and talk, and tell him if I don't hear from him before *someday before he leaves*, I'll try to get in touch with him in person (fair warning don't you think?) Or does that sound to pushy? I mean, if I rush him, he may bolt. It has been a year though. Course he's had his head filled with who know's what from our mom.
Well, that's my plan. Guess we'll see. I just hope he's going to be here long enough for me to have a day off to get together with him. I know I could go talk to him during the day. Unless he takes mom to work, and uses her truck, then who know's where he will be and when, especially if he doesn't want to talk to me.

BTW, I've kind of set the stage for coming out to grandma. I know me and mom decided not to tell her, but I don't want to keep her distanced like I have. She know's something's up, and she's going to get sick wondering what it is.
What a week this might turn out to be. :)

Saturday, April 11th
New plan! I'm going to see if mom will let me go pick up my brother this week. Two and a half hours in the car together (more if I drive slow *G*), we should be able to work something out. That is if he will even get in the car.

Got my taxes done today. I know, I should have done them weeks ago, but I like to put them off to the last minute. The thought of all those taxes coming in all at once, it is sort of my revenge for having to do them in the first place. *VBEG*
I should get enough money back to pay off that damn car's doctor bill. Guess I'll have to wait to get that "Recordable CD ROM Drive". : (

I've got two new sections for my site that are almost ready to go up. I just have to think of (and make) a picture for one page, and collect a couple URL's for the other and then I'll get them up. I may get them going before I go to bed tonight. If I do, they will be linked to from the main menu page.

Oh, while I got your attention, if you haven't checked out Mike's Journal in a while, shame on you, your missing out. He asked a few really good questions on "Love" the other day. (Okay, enough of the commercials. Boy, I should charge for this. *G*)

Sunday, April 12th
I want to wish Larry and Kim a Happy 25th Anniversary today (that's Silver right?). CONGRATS guys!!!

Monday April 13th, 1998
Well grandma talked to mom last night, and me going to pick up my brother is a no go. I'm still going to try to see him while he is here though. My mom has the rest of the week off to, so tracking them down may be hard, especially since I have to work nights the rest of the week, so that means getting a hold of them during the day. I'm going to go talk to my mom tomorrow and find out when would be a good time to get a hold of them, but I hate to give my mom any more information than I have to. I've had more than enough of her meddling in this event already.

Hey, everyone watch the premier of the new Love Boat tonight (on UPN)? Boy that brings back lot's of memories. There were certain shows the whole family used to get together and watch when I was little, and Love Boat was one of them. It used to be followed by Fantasy Island, which is currently being remade, but for a different station (ABC I think). I'll be real ticked if they are on back to back. BTW, the role of Ricardo Montoban (SP?) Is now going to be filled by Malcom McDowell! But there isn't going to be an assistant role (IE Tattoo).
Anyway, for those of you who missed it, there was even a gay character that guest stared on to nights episode. I thought that was pretty cool (even if it was a little to predictable).
It's always nice to see Robert Urich (he play's the captain this time), but it was nicer to see the kid that played his son (back on the original, all we had was the captains daughter, and like all the other guys, I pretended to have a crush on her too (okay, they didn't have to pretend)). To bad the new kids not a little older. No strike that, I wish I was a little younger. Oh well, maybe he has an older cuter gay brother in the biz too, so when I get in to films.... Well, you fill in the blanks. No wait, you guys are dangerous with the imagining things, just forget the whole thing. *G*

Oh, and before I forget, I have two new sections up and running. They are both accessed from the intro page.

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