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APRIL 1999

Friday, April 23th 1999
     What a bunch of assholes work for USWest. When I called on Friday the 16th, after being transferred 6 times I got testy at the 6th person and when he asked if he could help me I said "That would be nice. You're the sixth person I've talked to so far." He didn't transfer me.
     They wanted me to fax in a receipt for the payment they had just told me they had received. I simply told them we didn't have a fax machine (besides, don't fax machines use an active phone line, which we done have?????). They didn't say anything about a fax after that.
     That guy said the phone would be hooked up before 5 that day. At 6 the next day it finally got hooked up. Unfortunately they didn't get it activated till Monday the 19, so we had a dial tone, but couldn't actually use the phone till then. GRRRRRR.
     And the guy I talked to on the 19th actually had the brains to ask why we hadn't called when the phone got cut off 10 days prior. Duh, without a phone, it's kinda hard to call. I guess basic knowledge of phone use isn't a pre-requisite for employment at USWest.

     I really didn't miss the net that much. E-mail I missed, but not the net. With exactly a month till the new STAR WARS comes out, not having the net helped with my self-imposed media black-out (I know way to much about the movie already, now they are really starting to pour out the info). Course the first (actually the second) thing I did when I got on-line (after finding out that Hotmail was temporarily off-line) was get caught up on STAR WARS info which I wish I hadn't. :) So much for will power when it comes to my drug of choice. *giggle*

     I'm doing great though. This is least stressed out I've been since I was what?... 5? It's nice. I REALLY needed this. But it's time to get to work.. I put in a job application at TOYS'R'US the other day and they were supposed to CALL and arrange a time for an interview the next day or the day after, but our phone got cut off the next day. I'll have to go in later and talk to them about it.

     I opened the cupboard the other day. Now I'm used to Freddy, the cockroach, running away when the door opens, but this time, something bigger and darker on the door ran straight for my hand and around the edge of the door. My first thought was that it was a scorpion, then my second thought, based on how it moved, was that it was a snake, both of which I am very afraid of. After I regained composure, and my breath, I looked closer and it turns out it was a cute little lizard that Corey says lives in the house and that he forgot to mention ‘im. *shakes head* A trip to the kitchen is like a bad episode of Wild Kingdom. I named the lizard Gecko-zilla. :)

     I talked to my mom this week. She thinks my brother may have shipped out to the action. He's not going to be able to come see STAR WARS with us in May (although him and mom are hoping to come visit together in August). I'm pissed that he is being put into that position, but at the same time, I'm not as preoccupied with worrying about him. I guess there isn't much use in worrying anyway, or maybe I'm just pretending that he really isn't there. I cant wait for him to get out of the military!!! Your prayers are appreciated though.

     I've been talking to 3 of my cousins via e-mail a lot lately (my cousin the cop and his wife, and his sister). It turns out his sister says that their mother is currently living close-by somewhere and she is going to have her call me so maybe me and her can get together. That would be cool since I've always identified with her as me and her were the two artists in the family.
     Not only that, but I've heard from the waitress who does card readings the other day, and my the manager is here in Arizona somewhere, and so was the guy who used to clean the restaurant. I miss the people there. Not the work though.

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