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February 1st to the 2nd 1998

Sunday, February 1st - AM
Well, got home from work a few hours ago (about 10 PM), ready to watch STAR WARS (after all it was "Hope Day" (last year "STAR WARS (A New Hope) Special Edition" started showing in wide release)). Checked my E-mail and low and behold there was an invitation to get a sneak peek at Bruce's forthcoming website. Two hours and forty-five minutes later I had read everything there. I like the way he writes, and we seem to have very similar senses of humor. I'll link to it, when he gives me the okay.

I woke up yesterday and my grandma had just gotten back from my mothers house. Evidently my mom fell down some hole in the sailboat and broke a few ribs. Her first injury from sailing since she started sailing about 8 years ago.

A little background on my mother and sailing:
First off, her only requirement for a boyfriend is that they take her sailing. She will pretty much kiss anyone's butt (and I really don't want to know what else) just to go sailing, whether they know how to sail or not, which so far they don't.
They know where the sandbars are because they spend 90% of there time stuck on them.
The Coast Guard knows to watch out for them and tell them to turn around and not go to sea every once in a while.
Unfortunately she was my brothers ride to work when he was my helper. Every-so-often she would either forget, of they would be stuck on a sandbar and he would get there late (not fun on a busy night believe me).
The boyfriend she has right now is a moron. They break up every other week cause he is such a jerk (and she's pretty bull headed), but one of them apologizes after a few days so that they can go sailing.
They used to go sailing drunk, or stoned, or both, most of the time. She claims she has stopped doing pot, but I'm not to sure, and she has sobered up a little lately.
There have been stormy nights when my brother and I would wonder if she would come back alive, only to find out they almost didn't, but neither of them have yet to get hurt (unless you count all the black eyes they get from running there heads into the lower pole that holds the bottom of the sail (I don't remember what it's called off hand)). Thank goodness she has a life insurance policy. If she gets stupid enough, I get $1000. *God that sounds mean, but it's a running joke in our family, started by her BTW.*

Now you know one of the reasons why I got stuck taking care of my brother all those years.

Went thru my TV themes tape!
Theme Song from the TV series "GRAND"

Let me ask a question,
You can make a guess.
Who holds the keys to your happiness?

Is your life up to you,
Or does fate have it planned?
Don't think to much, just do it, do it grand.

Some are born to make it,
Every thing they touch turns gold.
Others try to fake it,
But there luck is always cold.

You see were all different drummers,
Playing in the same big band,
And if your gonna to play it, play it grand.

Monday, February 2nd - AM
I was this close to coming out to my boss tonight. She really helped me when my brother freaked, she encouraged me to talk about it, and even asked if I wanted to talk to her new boyfriend (now her ex-boyfriend) who used to be a psychiatrist. I felt kind of guilty (among other things) only telling her half the story last year, but coming out to her wasn't something that I wanted to deal with at that point in time after how well it went with my brother. To my brothers credit, when he went to get his last paycheck and she offered him part of his old job as my helper back, and a job bussing, he said he didn't want to work with me, and didn't tell her why. I think she suspects that she is missing part of the story, she reads people pretty good. I know she wouldn't have any problem with knowing, but I'm not sure if she can keep it to herself or not. I'd rather tell Grandma myself, not have a stranger tell her. Thankfully my mom and brother have respected my wishes in that area.
Her new boyfriend has gotten her to surf the web with him, so I gave her my "other" website address, and figured I'd just mention that I'd give her "my other sites address, but I cant remember it", thus peeking her interest at the knowledge of me having two sites. We were the last two out as usual, but she was kind of in a hurry (I think her boyfriend was waiting upstairs). So I chickened out.
I've started several conversations with grandma lately with the hopes of getting into a discussion and getting the opportunity to come out, but she hasn't taken the bait. That's the thing about grandma, to unpredictable (Oh wait, maybe it's a female thing. *flinch* Wow, no one hit me for talking like that! That's a first. *LOL* Usually I get smacked on the arm (That's what happens when you grow up around mom, grandma, sister, and ex-girlfriend). Ah, will the wonders of the Internet never cease).

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