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February 2000

February 14th, 2000 - Valentines Day 2
     Well here we are. Our second Valentines day, Corey and I. So what romantic thing did we do? Well actually, nothing... yet. We both had to work. Besides, we're kinda short on money right now (after getting $500 worth of work done on the car right before we left on vacation all last week (more on the vacation next)). I didn't even realize it was Valentines day today till I got to work and one of the group leaders was passing out cupcakes.
     Not that I'm complaining, it's never been one of my favorite holidays. I just hear stories about what some people do for their partners for Valentines day, and wonder. I mean I've never really gotten off on "romantic gestures" and that sort of thing. And Corey's not really the type either.
     We grow up in this world hearing things like faerie tales, movies, and stuff like that, and I feel like I should be disappointed when romantic things don't happen, sometimes.

     Or do they?

     After all, here I met Corey... We fell in love... He asked me to marry him (could have picked a better time and place to do it in though)... And when I needed him most, he rode in like a knight in shining armor and whisked me off to a land far away from what I had known.

     Sounds pretty romantic to me.

     So last week we went back up to Oregon for the week. What a long drive!!!! Took about 25 hours. My gas pedal foot still hurts.
     But what a perfect vacation. We visited pretty much everyone I wanted to while we were up there. I even took him over to meet my dad! Dad doesn't know the significance of the meeting quite yet, but I'll probably let him in on it next time he's on ICQ. I'm sick of hiding it. And I really don't care if he wigs out or not.

     We also went down and visited with my "cousin the cop" whom I came out to via e-mail a few months ago when his wife asked me if Corey was gay and I answered that "I hope so, as we're engaged". To which she responded several weeks later that she already figured I was gay as she has a cousin who is and she loves him dearly.
     The visit was pretty cool. I was kinda shocked about some of the topics though. Before we left, we knew more about their sex-life than I ever wanted to know.
     And as we left, my cousin the cop, gave Corey a hug! Shocked both of us. :)
     He's always been my favorite cousin. It meant a lot to me that he did that.

     The weather was great too. I got all the weather I ordered: hard rain, soft rain, fog, some wind, and even a sunny day for Corey. And on the way home we even got some snow. I just heard on the news on one of my breaks tonight that there were car accidents because of the snow and fog right where we were just two nights ago on our way home.
     Plus we got a lot of my stuff. Mostly my comic books and video's. Corey's been going through the video's watching my home movies I recorded of my brother and his friends in the woods behind the house, and at the beach.

     Felt weird being at the coast again. It felt like I hadn't left, but everything felt different. Almost dreamlike. And as we drove back into Phoenix, I got a little anxious to get to our house... Our home.

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