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Saterday, Feburary13th 1999
     So... Where to begin. How about: I am SO happy! :)
     Sure things here aren't perfect, but really, they aren't bad. Not bad at all.

     Mom said to me before I left when were talking about how my sister and her hubby take turns with the "Wife" role? Well right now I'm the "Wife". Corey goes to work, and after I watch "Amazing Stories" I tidy up a little (well, most nights anyway). We both make dinner (or we go out somewhere (which we have been doing way to much lately). It's amazing how many people eat at 12 or 2 in the morning in a big city. No wonder we were open so late at La Serre all the time, with all those big city people coming to Yachats and expecting to eat at midnight like usual.
     Oh, and I tape the hockey games for him. I can't wait to get my VCR's down here so we don't have to watch what we are taping. I still cant get into Hockey. There is a cute guy on the team though and so when I watch it with Corey, I keep an eye out for him. :)
     I haven't had much contact with Corey's mom. The day after I got here she got sick, so we gave her some space. She seems real nice though from what I have seen of her. We're gonna try to hang out with her next week.
     The cats at her house have taken to me better than the cats at me and Corey's. Clio and Misha (Corey's cats) still cant understand this strange guy who has came in here and never leaves and expects them to behave. *giggle* Clio is still trying to establish that she is the alpha in the house. But as soon as Corey leaves for work, they stick close to me. I even clipped a couple of Misha's claws the other night before she decided that wasn't fun anymore and she swatted me. I wasn't even holding on to her, just playing with her paw and snuck the clipper up and snipped the nails. Then she realized I wasn't just petting her feet and smacked my hand. She went to bite me too, but I took my hand away.
     Misha is Corey's "fat cat". But since they have room to run now that we've cleaned up a little, she's starting to exercise and loose some weight. But she's sweet. She snuggles up to me when I watch TV.
     Clio likes me too, but doesn't tolerate me as much as Misha. The other night I picked her up and started petting her and she started moaning at me. She has a real attitude. She also likes to get into everything. I caught her sitting on the top of the bathroom door the other night and if you leave a cupboard open, she is into it as soon as you turn your back. She really hates the fact I've closed all the cupboards and closets in the house. Now she cant hide. *Evil Giggle* Oh, and she also likes to eat plastic bags. Corey's says she has a "Poly-Urethane Deficiency". *giggle*
     I miss really dogs though. You can treat them like shit and they still love you. :) Not so with cats. But his cats'll learn when I'm in a mischievous mood. :)

     I got to meet some of Corey's friends. His friend who lives here in the park reminds me a lot of my sisters hubby. Same kinda attitude and even looks a lot like him. We didn't really hit it off. Not much for us to talk about I guess. In fact I interacted more with his wife than with him. I think maybe some night Corey and him will have to go out for drinks and us two wives can stay home and watch movies and play with the kids or something.
     The night we were there, Corey's godson was hyper, but it was fun seeing him and Corey interact. Corey was so cute playing with him. *Swoon*
     Then there is Corey's friend Martin from work (they work together on the weekend shift). What a character. Corey referes to him as "his Sara", and it fits. *EG* I can't wait to get the two of them together. Should be a riot. He's cool. I think me and him hit it off. He's a Trekker and movie buff. He gave me the "As long as I'm with Corey my house is your house" speech. It was cool (just like Sara gave Corey the night we became boyfriends). Hard to keep a straight face though. *giggle* Especially the part where he said something about: if Corey ever starts treating me like dirt, then he'll have to too. :)
     Then last week, we went to a movie with one of Corey's X's (sort of (don't ask)). He seemed pretty nice (when you go to a movie though you don't get to spend much time getting to know people). But the theater!!! OY! The screen must have been at least 30-35 feet tall. The seating was arranged so that your knees were level with the heads of the people in front of you. Great sound system. And fold down arm rests. It was so cool. Corey got me so excited when he said that we would go see the new STAR WARS in a theater like that (maybe BIGGER). :)..
     We tried to catch one of the midnight movie showings the other night after he got off work, but we didn't see anything we wanted to see at the theater that had midnight showings. But we did get to see something very funny. The security guard at one of the theaters was playing the shooting video game. *L* He was having so much fun he didn't even know we saw him. :)
     I also got to meet the crew he works with and the crew his mom works with. Not much to say there. His boss seemed nice though. Corey's mom wants me to work where she works, and was kinda disappointed that I didn't seem to excited about it. In fact I was pretty overwhelmed with how much a check has to go through before the right money gets to the right people, I wasn't even thinking about job hunting. Besides, I told Corey that I'm not going to be "to excited" about any job, there are very few that I really "want". Anything else is just another job.
     Speaking of a job, I haven't started looking for one yet. Corey's boss wants him to hire me, but Corey doesn't feel that would be a good idea. I'm not sure why working with his mom would be any better, but he seems to be rooting for that. That's probably what I'll do. Or I may see if I can get on at one of the theaters or the comic book store. *shrugs* Who knows.
     We are also going to check into one of the local schools that is a graphic design school specializing in Computer Generated Animation and stuff like that. It's a step in the right direction (for a change).

     I heard from Sara the other day. She went to see when she started back at La Serre, and found out she may not go back till Summer if even then. Seems they were keeping her there to keep me happy. Oh well, no big loss for her, she got a better job somewhere else a few days later and seems happy. We aren't missing each other as much as we both figured we would, but her new job wont allow her to move here till after summer. But at least she'll have a job till then, and maybe some money to move with.
     In fact, the only other thing I really miss about the coast is the fact I knew how to get around there. I miss the independence I had there. But I'll figure out where things are here soon. We got me a map the other night when we went to get groceries (at the grocery store in the gay part of town). Right now, the only place I really know how to get to is the Laundry Mat and maybe the cheap gas station. And the used music store too now that I think about it. I can get to the mall too, but getting back is a different story.

     We did laundry the other night. Corey has this work mode he gets into. I like teasing him about it when he's in it. Well he got into that mode at the laundry matt. So my mission was to get him to have fun and laugh before we left. *giggle* It was fun. I got him to laugh a few times just by having fun there. He still doesn't see it as something fun to do. We got some cards for next time so we have something to pass the time.
     I had fun. :)
     It's another place he's used to smoking in. In fact the place he used to buy cigarettes is right across the street from the laundry mat. So my other mission was to keep his mind off of that too. He's still smoking, but only at work. He still tenses up every once in a while when we pass cigarettes at the grocery store and stuff. I can smell it on him when he gets home from work, and he knows I can, and lets me know. But I don't say anything about it. I wish he would stop though.

     The weather was sort of hot the first few days I was here, now it's cooled down and feels like summer at the coast. It even rained the other day. And just like Corey said, "People here don't know how to drive when it rains." We were trying to get to the gas station for gas so we could go to the IMAX, and on the radio there were accidents all over the place. People just drive stupider when it rains. *shakes head* That and it was rush hour. That's a trip. It took us about an hour to go what usually takes 5-10 minutes at the most. *shakes head* Gotta be a better way.
     It is dryer here though. My mouth is almost always dry and my lips get chapped more often. I gotta get used to drinking more liquids. As it is I've drank so much pop I got a canker sore. I'm drinking bottled water now though. Seems funny to have to buy water. But when I do the dishes I can see that it's a different color every time. *Bleh*

     One of the first things we saw when we crossed the border and stopped at a rest area was a sign about rattlesnakes and scorpions. Since then I've seen commercials on TV about scorpions telling us to watch out for them. Corey says it's to cold for them, but they still worry me. Gross creatures. *shudder* Not to worry though, Corey says he hasn't seen any for several years.
     Did you know scorpions can walk on walls and ceilings? *shudder* Speaking of which.... I got to see a cockroach the other day. *giggle* I named him Freddy. *giggle* That is until Misha ate him. :)

     We finally got to go see a 3-D IMAX movie tonight!!! It was VERY COOL!!! The screen is 60 feet by 80. We set out the other day to see one, but the website said that something else was playing and at a different time, so we missed it buy about 10 minutes. The movie itself was pretty lame. At one point they had a floor buffer go towards the audience. I definitely want to make at least a few IMAX movies. The cartoon before it was better than the feature. But the computer generated T-rex and a few other effects were worth the price of admission.

     OH! Almost forgot. The new name for my index page... Corey has this "How To Talk About Men And Still Be Politically Correct" calendar he was reading to me from a few days after I got here and the caption for June is "He does not: Get Lost All The Time. He discovers: Alternative Destinations." *giggle*
     The journal is still going to be EoN though. I just cant let go of that title. :)

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