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October 2nd, 2000
     Things are great. Corey and I are still getting along great. We've been together a year and 10 months, and not a single fight. When I tell people that they either dont believe it or think it's a bad thing (I hear fighting is supposed to be healthy?!?). But we talk about things when they happen, so there isn't anything to fight about. That and we both are great at compromising, so most of the time it's just a matter of one or the other making the decision.

     We've moved into a nice apartment with Central Air, and a dishwasher and cable-internet! :) But now we cant seem to get rid of the trailer. We've had several people say they want it (we're offereing it for free) but when they find out they have to move it they all back out. So bills are a little hectic right now what with the Apartment rent and the trailers lot rent.

     My job still sucks, but at least I may have gotten a raise this week (that is if my boss (who is openly lesbian) put it in before she left for her two week vacation (it's only a month overdue as it is, what's another two weeks)).
     I did find out that we have been downsized in my area (that explains why 5 people have quit in the last year and not been replaced). Now it's just two of us doing the job that 7 people used to do. We had 3 people, but she was a temp and they got rid of her. *GRRRR* She was cool too. One of the few people that actually figured out Corey and I are a couple. There are people there I've talked to and worked with for a year already who have no clue. I've told a few people, and they are cool with it. It's amazing how many people have relatives that are gay.
     Speaking of which, I heard from one of my cousins a couple months ago. I hadn't heard from him in about 20 years, but his sister is running the family website (for my dad's side). After writing to him and his sister for a little, his sister came right out and asked how long Corey and I had been together. Seems her brother is gay too. :) So I've got a gay cousin! :)
     Oh and I heard from a friend from highschool about that same time. I played piano for her for one of the talent shows in highschool, well it turns out she was Mrs. Gay Portland last year! *giggle* No wonder we got along so good. :)

     The weather here is INSANE! We actually have had like three days under 100 in the last four months! *BLEH*
     All this sun is disgusting. I'm so sick of it. I had to get out "Goonies" the other day just so I could see some good weather. :) Course now I'm home sick!
     But part of the homesickness is cause it's getting to be that time of year again when Grandma went away and didn't come back. I've been handling it better for the last year, but it's just hit me again this last few weeks. Grandma and I used to take a day to drive up the river to see all the leaves changing colors... But here there's no river or leaves. Just SUN!!!

     But all-in-all life is good here. I'm enjoying it!

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