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Sunday, January 30th
     Well I've been here in Phoenix for over a year now. What do I think of it now? Let's just say: I really love Corey. :)

     Not much to report. Y2K went off without a hitch. Unless you can count my fellow employees sitting around watching me do all the work, a hitch. *shakes head*

     Seems Corey's friend at work is seeing how good and healthy our relationship is and is starting to realize that his isn't either. I never thought a gay relationship would be refered to as "Good and Healthy", but that's what it is. We dont stress each other out. We are good to and for each other. There's no jealousness when one of us looks at a cute guy. We're both happy in this relationship.
     I dont understand why some people settle for bad relationships. With so many people out there you'd think they would wait for someone who is good for them. Maybe they are scared that that person wont come along. Maybe they are looking in the wrong place for them. I used to tell my mom to stop looking under the same rock and she might meet a different kinda guy.

     I never realized how expensive living in the city is. My sister used to complain about how they always ate out every night. Well now it's my turn. I swear we go out or go to the grocery store every night for dinner. Not that I'm complaining, mind you, after all we seem to have more money left at the end of the pay period for a change.

     Speeking of my sister. They're going to have another kid. This time a girl (which is what she wanted so now she can quit having kids).
     She informed her hubby that she was quitting her job and staying home with the kids this time, to which he didn't put up a fight. But the next day he went to work and lost his job cause no one likes his attitude, so I doubt it'll happen. Although she does know how to manipulate him, so it may happen after all.

     Well I cant think of anything else to write about other than next week we are heading up to Oregon for a week. :) I cant wait. I'm hoping for at least a little rain while I'm there. And it'll be nice to hang out with dogs for a change. Cats are okay, but I like a pet who actually likes to spend time with you. One who can go with you if you go out. And it'll be nice to be back in my element for a while. Not have to ask Corey for directions everytime we leave the house (although I've gotten better at getting to certain places (I guess I better, it's been over a year)). Not to mention it'll be soooooo nice to not have to go to work. I mean it's a good job and pays okay, but we've been short staff since I got there and there isn't any sign of that changing in the near or distant future. And there is at least one person there that doesn't pull his weight, so I end up working more than double (since I'm already working double to begin with). When we get back and after we've gotten moved into a new apartment I'm gonna start looking around for a different job.

     If not for Corey, I wouldn't be living right now. But when you put it all on a scale, Corey's the reason I'm here, not the other stuff. Maybe the other stuff'll get sorted out eventually. But I dont really care.

     Life is good.

     Love is good.

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