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January 29th to the 31st 1998

January 29th - It's too early in the morning, why is everyone updating there journals!
I wondered what Troy had planned for his Journal's one year anniversary, I never guessed this though. I had an entry written with my feelings about Troy's entry, but I really don't have anything interesting to say about it so I erased it. All I have to say to him is "To thine own self be true." Something he doesn't seem to do that often.

I reworked my page, moving my journal to another page so you can bookmark that page and hopefully bypass that annoying Tri-pad pop-up menu.

Just got back from seeing "TITANIC" for the fourth time. I know I said no more depressing movies, but this is definitely the last time I'll see it in the theater unless they re-release in theaters later this year instead of going straight to video (like ID4 did.) BTW, "TITANIC" just beat "Jaws" (#10) out of the official list of the top ten movies of all time!

January 30th
I go back to work tomorrow. It was a good vacation even though I did practically nothing that I had planned. Out of 8 people I was going to visit, I saw 2. I still have two more sections of my Geocities page to get back up. I didn't come out to anyone, except on the web. But I did accomplish two very important things that should have been on the list. I relaxed, and got over being so depressed. Back on New Years Eve, I was starting to get suicidal again, but now it's the last thing on my mind (unless you count Tome's spooky entries last week). I'm even starting to get over my brother and mother. Both are due largely to this page. Just getting things off my chest, even though I have yet to get any letters about my page except for one from Tome and a quite a few from Bruce. Maybe no one else is listening, but I don't care. Like I told Tome about his page; as long as your page is emotionally satisfying to you, that's all that counts. It would be nice to get some feedback from someone though (Hint, hint!)

January 31st - Happy Hope Day!
Okay, I stayed out of this whole Troy thing, but now I'm going to add my two cents. What exactly is the problem here? So he's not gay. I must have missed the entry where he decided he was, because I thought that he was Bi the whole time. Maybe I didn't read something into something I should have. I also didn't take his entry on the 29th as a goodbye, I thought he just said he was going to take a break for a while so he wouldn't develop Carpal-tunnel. As for his plans for his future, I just hope he doesn't stay put just because he seems to have a captive friend, but I'm not one to throw stones in that area, after all I'm seriously considering staying where I am for another year due to the fact my cousin is living nearby, and my grandma wouldn't mind me staying.

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