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January,13th 1999
     I hope by now you know I made it safe and sound (and without anything eventful on the trip down). I've been trying to get caught up on sleep for the last few days (since we got here) so it's taken me this long to get on-line and write an entry. Sorry about that. I didn't even get to call my mom till last night.

     So anyway, what have I been up to? Well there's the sleeping. Corey's been cleaning house. We got cable installed today (by an extremely cute blone guy that should be a model, not a cable guy).
     WE HAVE THE SCI-FI Channel!!! =) Not to mention they screwed up and gave us all the premium channels too. :)

     We went to the mall yesterday, and then the gay book store and an adult store. Corey was very surprised at how well I handled both. I probably wouldn't have been so calm in them if not for him being there though.

     It seems Clio likes me. Today when Corey and I were checking out the new TV channels, Misha went and sat with Corey, and Clio came and sat next to me. Clio also likes to come check on me while I sleep, and last night when I rolled over, Clio was by my side. I'm surprised the cat likes me as I keep kicking it out of the bed all night long. :)

     We went grocery shopping last night. They actually have Boo-Berry cereal here!!! It used to be my favorite when I was younger. It was the only one out of the three that they stopped selling in Oregon about 20 years ago.
     They also sell two of my favorite kinds of pop here that they stopped selling in Oregon a few years back: Pineapple Crush, and Kiwi Strawberry Shasta. :)..

     Now if only the weather wasn't so bad. *giggle* It's hotter today than it usually is during our summers in Oregon. And man is it dry here. My mouth has been dry since we crossed the border.

Oh, and before I forget, my old e-mail address doesn't work anymore. The new one is located at the bottom.

Friday, January 22 - 2:30 AM - Where am I now.
     Let me try to describe this moment to you.
     Corey's asleep on the couch. Bundled up in a blanket. Snoring slightly. He fell asleep reading. One of the cats (Misha) sleeps at the head of the couch. I just went over and tucked the blankets under him better. He's so cute.
     As for me, I'm working on my computer which we got set up and running today. It helps. Until now, most of my stuff has been in boxes still. Now it's starting to feel like I'm living here and not just visiting. The other cat (Clio) is sleeping at my feet (I know this cause I moved my feet and there we was, wondering why I kicked him).

     I keep catching myself putting up walls against Corey and have to remind myself to not do that. Like when we combined our money back in Oregon, I immediately started searching for his ulterior motives. It made me feel uneasy that he had my money and I didn't. It's still odd not having money in my pocket. It feels like anything we buy for me is a present from him. We'll have to work something out. I've spent the last 29 years constantly knowing how much I have that I can spend, and all of a sudden I have money, but I don't know how much I have or how much I of it I can safely spend, and I feel I have to okay the purchase with him. Makes me feel a little like a little kid again. Begging in the toy store or something.

     We got me set up at the comic book store the Tuesday. They started keeping comics for me on Wednesday. I'm not going to get most of the comics I used to. Not only to save us money, but cause I got bored with most of them and didn't get around to reading them, or the one's I used to read and liked are canceled now. Oh! And guess what?! The comic store had a Cylon action figure!! I've been looking for one of those since Battlestar Galactica came out way back in what, 1979. :)

     Did I mention the cute guy that hooked up our cable? *giggle*

     Speaking of cute guys... We've been watching hockey games, of course. At first I was bored. I mean, come on, it's a sport, and a violent one at that. The I saw him. This cute guy on the Coyotes. :) Danniel Brierre, or something like that. *giggle* So maybe hockey wont be that boring after all. *G* And hey, Corey says that Danny should even be at this fair the team puts on for the kids that Corey wants to take his Godson too this summer. *giggle* I may get his autograph. *giggle*

     We've spent the last week seeing the sites in Phoenix and getting the house in order. The big city does have it's perks, but I'm still not convinced that it's better than small town life. I was sure I'd be spooked by the size of Phoenix, but I'm not really. My vision of it was a lot of tall buildings and stuff like you see in postcards, but Phoenix is mostly short buildings and it really reminds me a lot of Eugene so far. Well with maybe a little bit of Portland mixed in here and there, but on the whole it's not that intimidating. I'm just not going to go anywhere without Corey for a while. :)

     Speaking of which, I can't believe how good we are getting along seeing as how we've only been apart a few times since the 6th. *sigh* And now that I think about it, both times he smoked a cigarette. My mother was the supplier the first time. I so wanted to rip into her, but I didn't. And I didn't give Corey a hard time about it either, and he did tell me, so he gets points there (although I knew as soon as he came in the door cause I could smell it on him). The other time was when he was at work for the first time since we got home. He had a lot of shit to deal with there, so I can see why he would be tempted, but I still wish he wouldn't have. But like I said, I'm trying not to even mention it. He told me the second time too btw. I feel better having him tell me. The I cant think he's hiding stuff from me.

     Oh, and for those of you who have been worried about me getting much needed new underwear, we finally got some today, along with my first pair of boxers. *giggle* I'm sitting here in them now... *EG* And nothing else. *evil giggle* And NO, no pictures. :

     Well I've taken up enough of your time and Corey has gone off to bed, I think I'll go join him. *shrug* I don't know. This is the first night that we haven't gone to bed at the same time. What are the protocols on that one?

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