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Current Entries - June 22nd+

Monday, June 22nd - "And what's kept you away from your journal?"
Eesh, can't a guy take a couple of days off to just enjoy nothing happening? *giggle* And to hear that from another journalist, you'd think he would know better. *G*

Lets see. What can I report. Um, how about the girl with a crush on me at work (It's been confirmed by at least 4 people this week alone) and I have been hanging out at work a lot these last few days (she was even my helper last night). She's definitely friend material as long as we can come to the understanding that that is all that can happen between us. Unfortunately the only opportunities that have come up to come out to her have been while there were others in the room too. The fact that your gay, doesn't seem that easy to bring up in a conversation. I've been giving her rides home (she lives about three blocks from work) hoping that I can bring it up then, but so far it hasn't happened. I keep hoping she will mention something about boyfriends, and then I'll tell her "I'm working on getting me one of those too."

What else... My boss is very curious about what Bart and I did while he was here. She hasn't came right out and asked anything personal, but I think she's dying to. It's fun having a life for a change. She keeps asking me what's on my mind and stuff like that. *G* I love keeping some people in suspense. *EG*
The waitress that got me hooked on card readings, waited on Bart and I when we went to eat at the restaurant. Well the Monday after we had eaten there she was asking me questions about Bart and she mentioned that he was hansom, and I agreed with her without realizing what I had just done. But she didn't react to it, so maybe she didn't realize either. Oh well, she's on the list of friends at work I'm thinking of telling anyway.

Oh, and yes. That was what my mother said in the last entry BTW.
Ummmn, Happy Birthday Bruce!!!
And Happy Fathers Day DaVinci and Chris.
And finally, Happy Summer everyone (yesterday was the first day of summer BTW).
And that about raps it up. I'm happy. There happy. We're all happy. Happy, happy, joy, joy. Pretty boring huh? Talk to you in a few....

Thursday, June 25th - AM
I'm still in a good mood. Not as disgusting happy as the other day, but still....

Mom and I went to go see "The Truman Show" on Tuesday, but we got there early enough that we could still see the "X-files" movie. Since she doesn't get off work that early most days, I let her drag me to the "X-files" and we'll go see "The Truman Show" on Thursday night. I don't like the "X-files" TV series, I think it's poorly done and has two of the worst actors on TV staring in it. Well the movie didn't do a thing for me. It was as bad as the TV show. My mom likes the "X-files" so she liked the show. I don't, and I didn't. And, I still don't.
After the movie, she wanted to go out to dinner, but couldn't decide where. She showed me a few places to take guys for dinner though. *giggle* She's really excited about me meeting others. She also said that the things I'm feeling aren't all that unique even when compared to the straight world.
So for dinner we decided to get stuff to make dinner nacho's and I brought over my extra VCR and "Aliens Resurrection" for her to see.

Yesterday grandma and I went to Eugene to get some of my CD's that I had ordered, and then we went and saw Disney's "Mulan." It was a very good movie, about a Chinese girl who masquerades as a boy to join the war so her father doesn't have to. I won't go into it much right now cause I'm going to move my Movie Review section (and everything else for that matter) from my other page to this one in the next few days, so I'll put my review there.

And no, I didn't go flirt with the comic book guy. He's always real busy on Wednesdays.

Saturday, June 27th - Catch up!
If this good mood doesn't go away soon, it might become a habit. *G*

So next week is the Fourth of July huh? Eesh, where has the year gone? Better yet, where did last week go? I asked a few people at work tonight when the wedding party was coming in and they all said they hadn't heard anything about it. Then someone reminded me that was last weekend. I completely blocked it out.
On Tuesday when I was hanging out with my mother (who finished reading "Billy's Boy" in three days BTW (one day faster than me)), she mentioned that my brother had mentioned me a few times recently. That's a big step since he's been avoiding the subject of me for most of that last year. He got a new Synthesizer and when he was talking to mom about it on the phone, he said Scott would love to see it and gave her permission to tell me about it.
I'm not holding my breath or anything. I'm past that stage. I figure if he comes around, I'll be there, if he doesn't.... C'est La Vie. It's all up to him now. I may write him a letter soon for no good reason (I have one written already, but it needs to be updated).

Lets see. The girl with a crush on me is away in California right now. When she gets back in July she will find out that she is our new dishwashers helper. She will work with me two nights a week and my helper two nights also. Last week she said she was glad my helper wasn't there that night cause "he stares at me all night." I replied "he stares at anything with breasts and walks on two feet". So now two nights a week he will stare at her, and two nights a week she will stare at me.

Speaking of my helper, he was cutting up bread the other night and cut his thumb. I thought he was going to faint he lost so much blood. Instead it was me that was woozy. See one of my other jobs down there at the restaurant is to help out with the wounded. So I put a band-aid on his gushing finger and then we put on a finger cot (a little condom made for fingers (should be good practice *giggle*)), but his finger was bleeding to much and the cot filled up in less than a minute or two. He must have bled for 15 minutes at least. He finally rapped some paper towel around it and taped it up with masking tape real tight. That seemed to do the job, or at least it got him through the rest of the night. I told him to go ahead and go home, but he refused.
Tonight, he almost lost his arm! The theme to TITANIC came on the radio and he decided to change the channel. A few seconds into switching the channel he noticed that I wasn't making any noise (IE: not doing dishes) and he glanced over to find me pointing the sprayer nozzle at him. He returned to the station.

We have a new cook this week. He's kinda cute, but for the first few days he didn't say anything to me. I found out why. He has a VERY strong Scottish accent. I just got used to my helpers STRONG Spanish accent, now I have to learn to decipher a Scottish accent as well. Oh well. I can think of worse things to do than listen to a gorgeous Scottish accent coming from a cute guy. Sorry, I have a thing for accents. My faves are Scottish (after all it is the land of the Scotts *G*), Irish, and Australian.

Speaking of speaking. Have you ever noticed that as much as we like to speak, there aren't that many descriptive words for the way people speak? I got to talk to Mickey the other night on the phone. The next day grandma asked me what he sounded like. I suddenly realized there aren't very many ways to describe speech. His voice was a lot different than I expected, which is to be expected I guess. Out of all the phone conversations I've had with people from the net, Bart's was the closest to what I thought it would sound like, it was almost like I had heard his voice before, followed by DaVinci's, who once he got over being nervous actually has a nice calming voice. Larry and Mickey were completely different than I thought. Larry was happy and a little southern and I enjoy listening to it. As for Mickey. Well there's confidence in his voice. I like that. I definitely felt like I could listen to him talk for hours. I guess he'd make a great teacher now that I think about it. He's definitely a phone person, as for me, I'm not really. I'm better with the typed word than the spoken especially if I'm the least bit nervous like I was with all but DaVinci. Course as Mickey and I got to talking I forgot to be nervous. It got to be like talking to an old friend real fast. I can barely wait till he's stateside so I can get together with him. He makes me feel comfortable. Not only that, I can't get enough of his stories. And hey, he chews his food thoroughly. *giggle, sorry, inside joke*
Oh, and since he mentioned he asked me the "Cereal" question, I'm gonna share my response. When he first asked me on the phone what cereal I would be if I was one and why, I couldn't think of a good response. Then the next day it hit me early in the morning when I was only half awake.

"RICE CHEX! That's what cereal I would be. I'm good plain out of the box although sometimes it's hard to get the box open at first. A little sugar helps. I'm fun to have at a party even though I don't always stand out in the mix. I'm not really much to look at, kinda unique looking, but interesting none-the-less. Sometimes I'm not that great in the morning, but if you put me in a bowl of milk that'll definitely wake me up. *giggle*"

We also got on the subject of why I don't have anyone to hang out with around here and I remembered I was going to go into that here before, but never got around to it. The reason is that there aren't that many people around here my age. See I moved here when I first got out of highschool. Now others my age had to leave the coast at that age to get into college or the military or just to get good jobs cause most people here have to have a double income just to afford living here during the off season. So all the people I know are either school aged or older than me and married or attached somehow or just plain retired (there's a large retired community here). Makes it hard to socialize. But the excuse came in handy when people asked me why I don't date anyone and I don't feel like explaining the basics of homosexuality to them.

Well I've gone on long enough. I want to mention that I have moved and slightly updated my Geocities web pages to this site as well. Plus I've added a new page highlighting one of my hobbies. There should be links to the pages up soon on the main menu page within the next day or so. FTP seems to be down at the moment or it would be up and running now.

Wednesday, June 30th

My condolences to Larry on the passing of his mother.

And to Mickey: Sorry, I can be so insensitive sometimes.

Got a call from Bruce today! That was cool. He sounds almost like one of my mothers friends (who lives in Eugene and is also originally from the New York area), which made it real comfortable right off the bat. What a fun guy. Definitely add's a different dimension to his character. I hope I didn't stir up to much though. (Man, am I gonna apologize to everyone tonight?)
But it was a good conversation. I'm convinced though that it's not that two people with journals cant come up with stuff to talk about, but rather that I've either got to much of my life here in the journal, or my life is to boring to milk for conversation. *G*

I mentioned to my mother that Bruce sounded like her friend, and after telling me that he was from the New York area, she told me that one of her friends that she heard from recently had said that she heard from him that I was gay. Now he's a guy I never would have wanted to know that about me. She said that it didn't matter, he still want's me to move to Eugene and work for him making local TV commercials.
Yes, it's a job offer. Yes it's in a similar field as the one I want to get into. Yes, he's a good friend of the family that would do anything for me and really likes me. Yes, I've considered taking him up on the offer. But I really feel uneasy around the guy. See he's an alcoholic. He's really loud and obnoxious. He's recently even started his own gun collection preparing for some attack from lord knows who or what (he's even taught his daughters to use the guns (you should have seen there Christmas card, the three of them with all sorts of guns strapped to themselves)). He's just someone I'm not comfortable being around for so many reasons, much less working for and with. I don't know, it could happen though. Lord knows his commercials suck. He needs some good help. *G*

As for the evening I spent with mom. Seems she's really worried about my brother. He's getting real depressed. The friends he had made got stationed elsewhere, and the new guys he's with now are pressuring him to smoke and drink and stuff like that. There also giving him shit about not having a drivers license. And the list goes on. Damn, I want to kick some butt real bad. Make them lay off him.
So to deal with it, he's taking to secluding himself to his room and escaping into books. Damn it, I want to be able to hang out with him and get his mind off things, get him to laugh again. Make him happy like in the old days when we were buddies. *My eye's are tearing up so I'm gonna stop talking about it now*

So the new pages are up, just scroll down to the bottom of the main menu page! The only page that's completely new is the "Customized Action Figures" page. And yes, that is my actual handwriting on that page. Thought it might be and interesting look, but it's kind of blah. I may change it soon. If you feel like analyzing my handwriting, let me know what you find out about me. Actually I might go check out a book at the library on Handwriting Analysis, see just how screwed up I really am. *G*

Well, talk to you next month.

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